Basic rules for choosing lighting for kitchen

23 december 2016, 00:42

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Lighting for the kitchen can be located on different surfaces and in different zones of the premises. The need for installation of any of the options due to the tasks that will be solved. For example, chandeliers are used for General lighting and compact devices with a number of individual sensory parameters involve in the organization of local lighting.


The attachment method there are several varieties

All these options are found in various designs. For example, each of these types can represent spotlights.

Invoice and hanging type found in standard lighting device with one or more lamps chandeliers.

Depending on where you are mounting distinguish

In addition to these options there are certain varieties of appliances that are characterized by individual set of parameters

Manufacturer Era offers a wide selection of touch linear lamps. That is a fake version of his easily concealed under cabinets and pretty simple to manage.

Given that the principle of illumination in this case is based on light emitting diodes used devices will be a very long time a few decades.

The light is divided into three main categories: local and decorative. Functional is the kitchen lighting fixtures organized by the first and second category of core and local.

In this case, it is assumed that the light source plays an important role in the overall lighting system it uses as the illumination of the working area or dining room as the main light of the room.

Functional may well be options of lamps of different purpose and design of the chandelier sconce point and Combines them. the main characteristic of intense radiation.

Therefore, for the kitchen, functional lighting is organized on the basis of parameters of the device and not its model. The word is not always necessary to use a chandelier instead, it is possible to use spotlights in sufficient quantity and with a certain luminous flux.

There are only a few basic types of structures for mounting on the wall

If sconces are often installed in the dining area in close proximity to the dining table the second option of lighting is used on top.

Kitchen lighting should be first and foremost effective. The definition of a working area covered countertop washing and cooking poverhnostnye.

When choosing lighting takes into account the area of the countertop installation height of wall cabinets, the distance from the window and the intensity of the total light in the room.

The lighting in the kitchen in the working area can be organized by several types of lighting. This patch touch option linear execution of the brand Era furniture lighting.

The lighting in the kitchen above the counter should be diffused to avoid harsh light. This effect will interfere with the operation. Modern fixtures in particular brand Era easy to hide from prying eyes inside or under the cabinets. Accordingly, another recommendation when choosing in advance to determine the parts of the installation of lighting.

First and foremost, you need to pay attention to the location of the table. If it is located in the corner of the wall slip fit design or wall sconces. In the case of Central table installation is typically used pendant lamp.

In this case often involve chandeliers which implement both features provide the main lighting in the kitchen and the local over the dining table. The division of space is performed by spotlighting.

Traditionally for this purpose, use the following options lighting chandeliers slip or pendant lamp. The choice and the power dimensions of the design is carried out based on the configuration and features of the room.

Often instead of the Central mounted spot lights. Their number should be enough lighting in the kitchen was efficient.

To further not suffer from errors in coverage of the kitchen space must proceed from the size of the room. So in a small room often choose a point light as the main lighting chandeliers, especially those that provide down-directed light makes the room visually smaller.

The division into zones is performed by different types of lamps the same point invoice design linear furniture and touch Era.

Therefore, when the illumination of the kitchen is allowed to use a variety of designs sconces ceiling appliances built, etc. Each of them is different ways of fixing the characteristics of radiation directed or diffused light dimensions and design.

When choosing, consider the features of the room where you plan to install the presence and size of the window height and floor space arrangement of furniture the ability to hide lighting local lighting.

And of course, taken into account the main characteristics of the light sources power luminous flux type sizes pros and cons. Important additional capabilities of the device such as touch control lamps of the Era.

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