Classification and characteristics lyuminestsentnykh lamps

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Gas-discharge light source on the walls of the flask which is coated with a special phosphor coating is called fluorescent lamp. It is performed in the form of a glass tube. At the ends equipped with special electrodes and ignite the lamp. All the space inside the bulb is filled with mercury vapor and inert gas. They after ignition begins to emit light.

After switching on the device inside the gas discharge. This discharge ignites the mercury vapor and causes them to emit invisible to the human eye ultraviolet light.


After ignition of the mercury ultraviolet radiation begins to interact with the deposited on the walls of the phosphor which causes it to emit visible spectrum of light already. Thus, the phosphor performs the function of the converters or Converter and allows us to feel the light of which is easily perceived by the human eye and is able to illuminate the environment.

Due to the unique ability of glass to pass the UV rays it protects us and completely blocks the exit into the environment and protects our eyes from its direct impact which is detrimental.

But there are lamps that do not prevent such radiation. They are made of boron-silicate UV glass and quartz are materials capable of transmitting ultraviolet rays. Usually these lamps are used for cleaning and disinfection of different devices. In the store they can be found as a bactericidal they are specifically marking where indicated.

The principle of operation

To increase the thermal performance of light using lamps low-pressure with the addition of an amalgam of indium and cadmium, or other such elements. Therefore, the temperature range can be expanded up to sixty degrees in comparison to the standard filling of the lamp when the temperature of not more than twenty-five degrees.

Significant performance degradation is noticed when the ambient temperature is at a low level below the minimum. Under these conditions, significantly increasing the time of heating and lighting of a lamp intensity and quality of illumination reduced several times.

For such conditions requires the use of special insulation and heaters. In this regard, gaining relevance bulbs do not contain mercury vapour which operate exclusively on low pressure of inert gas inside the bulb.

To classify and allocate the technical characteristics of fluorescent lamps, should pay attention to such indicators of their performance and design

Compared to the older analogues appearing on the market of energy-saving every light bulb labeled and had its own designation. The designation system was invented once and only complemented with the release of newer models and behavior.

Manufacturers denote the type of device but rarely indicate such parameters as the diameter and length of bulb they are written only on the box.

Labelling of domestic producers

The shape of the bulb demonstrates the kind and affects most of the characteristics let's look at how mark bulb

The increased light output increases in the case where the length of the device decreases. Thus the loss of the anode and cathode interactions become less and light flow becomes more qualitative. From this we can understand that a more effective lamp is 26 watts than the two having the same total capacity.

The period of operation is limited by the wear of the electrodes as they just disappear in the development. The shock and fall have a negative impact on its viability. After the fall of the lifetime and quality of light can fall sharply.

What advantages have these devices

Of course such a device has disadvantages

Choosing to this device you must follow certain rules which will affect its quality and durability.

Marking the popular proizvoditeley

What specifications you should pay attention

Picking up the device in accordance with these rules, you are guaranteed to get a good product which can meet all your needs.

In this field, no clear favorite among manufacturers. Every expensive Philips for example and a cheaper brand can produce products with a certain amount of defective products. The more expensive brands philips, the defect rate will be slightly lower.

Therefore, choosing a device for yourself, you should start from your financial capabilities. The average price for one philips light bulb is three to four dollars.

Colored light bulbs philips and the specialized will cost a bit more. For color you will overpay approximately ten to fifteen percent. Specialized devices can cost about ten dollars or more can be bactericidal and phyto lamp.

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