Classification and characteristics of halogen lamps

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Halogen bulbs are an advanced version counterparts with the filament. Due to the peculiarities of their design provides higher efficiency and color quality and the intensity of radiation on a spectrum closer to natural light. All these advantages from the use of halogen lamps allow you to use this type of devices for different tasks.


When choosing which light sources are better to use for lighting a specific object you can safely pay attention to halogen lamps. This option is often used in flood lighting to protected areas Parking lots industrial or construction site. In addition they are widely used in the lighting systems of offices private accommodation museums galleries.

Various types and forms

Another area of decorative lighting. Lamps for this purpose in the capsule design. On the basis of such light sources lighting shops advertising objects of cafes and restaurants private homes apartments. Lamps with reflectors are popular in the same areas and capsule counterparts in addition they are often used as backlight built-in furniture.

Lamps of this type are used in equipment for video and photography. Halogen light sources can be used in the automotive industry, for example, they are mounted in the headlights. For this purpose, use the execution with a certain type of cap H1 H3 H13 H4 H7 H8 H11 H16.

Externally, subject to the availability of a certain type of cap halogen light sources can be confused with bulbs. The main difference between these options is the presence of gaseous substances which are inside the halogen bulb performance. Design of different models of these lamps is different.

For example, linear performance with two bases on either side of an oblong bulb. There are also light sources with only one holder. This capsule model is a variant of the lamp socket E14 E27 H11 H4 H13 H3, and others.

The main design elements in addition to the bulb holder with the gas filling, the filament is traditionally made using tungsten. In some embodiments, for example light X-Treme Vision from the manufacturer the Philips socket H4 there are two filament spiral thread. The principle of operation is a reversible process of releasing the tungsten atoms as the heating filament.

When the temperature of the filament evaporates tungsten particles and react with compound substances of a gaseous filling of the flask iodine or bromine which occurs due to deposition on the walls of the flask simplest particles of tungsten.

As the heating of the formed compounds break up into their component parts thereby releasing the atoms of tungsten in close proximity to or directly on the body of the filament. It provides longer service life 2,000 to 4,000 hours.

Classified such light sources primarily for the voltage of the power source

Structurally, the light sources may differ significantly. The main types of lamps

Various kinds of bases

Each option is characterized by a certain type of cap. For example, in the linear light sources using a variant of the holder RS7 performance with external contain bulb base E14 E27.

A wider range of models of lamps with diffuser GY4 GU4 GZ4 GY6.35 GU5.3 GX5.3 G9 and G10. Capsule light sources are used, the holders of class G4 G5.3 GY6.35 G9. Select a group of lamps to install in the car lights H1 H3 H4 H7 H13 H8 H16 H11.

Selection of halogen light based on the spatial characteristics and properties of functions of the device. Overview of the most important parameters of lamps of this type

Low-voltage light sources often are installed in areas where it is required to reduce the risk of danger such as the bathroom.

If you conduct a review of the most popular halogen lamps that performance occupies a middle position. Such devices of all brands Osram Philips all are superior to incandescent bulbs in lifetime of luminescence intensity the power usage though slightly but halogen bulbs consume less energy. The spectrum of radiation, these light sources are superior to led and fluorescent counterparts.

At this significant benefits of halogen versions end. Any test will show that the level of energy consumption of these lamps is much inferior to the light sources based on diode and fluorescent counterparts. On the service life of halogen option loses just as much as many other parameters.

Leaders in this field are Philips and Osram. The first products of the named manufacturers finds no competitive analogues as confirmed by user reviews. For example in the range are the products of the brand Diamond Vision H7 which is characterized by a color temperature of 5000K. Intended use of the car lights working voltage 12V this model. The cost is 1 500 RUB.

The products of the brand is the product Osram Night Breaker Unlimited which shines stronger emits light whiter than other counterparts. Voltage 12V type cap may be different H1 H3 H4 H7 H8 H11. The price varies in the range from 1 000 to 1 500 rubles.

Thus halogen lighting devices today presented a worthy options such as the model of Diamond Vision H7 5000K brand or Osram Night Breaker Unlimited manufacturer Philips. The cost of production of such high class is also quite big but in the end the user will receive a highly efficient light source. Before buying you should pay attention to whether the selected product conditions how many lumens radiate some power and voltage are characterized.

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