Criteria for selecting the best energy saving lamps

23 december 2016, 00:40

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Energy saving lamp for your home or apartment today are used in more advanced version in the form of compact fluorescent light sources. They are comfortable in every sense with the installation operation replacement. Therefore, have a high popularity.


Energy saving lamp consists of several main elements of the gas-filled bulb base built-in control gear e-type. Given the characteristics of the design dimensions of the light source is quite compact which greatly simplifies the operation of the home or apartment.

The lamp contains an inert gas with an admixture of mercury vapor at low concentrations. When the electrodes voltage is applied to arc discharge occurs. Passing through a gaseous medium an electric current promotes the formation of ultraviolet radiation which is invisible to the eye.

The product

To energy saving lamp for home had produced visible light the inner surface of the flask is covered with a substance of a special kind of phosphor. This coating absorbs ultraviolet radiation which causes the glow. The peculiarity of this substance is the ability to change its composition which affects the radiation spectrum and therefore on the quality of light.

Energy-saving lamps a wide range of different types of models different shaped bulb spectrum radiation type of base. For a private home or apartment is better to choose a compact design with a screw base E27 E14. Such light sources are easily installed in place of traditional incandescent lamps. But in everyday life is used and the variant with pin G24Q1 base 2D G23-2G7 G24Q3 G53.

Various forms

The last of these performances often are used as light sources in the bathroom shower to illuminate the suspended ceiling construction. In the spectrum there are also various energy-saving lamps with white light red yellow blue green light. But the green emission is commonly used in the organization of decorative lighting.

For the main and local lighting of the house it is better to choose bulbs with a color temperature in the range from 2 700 K to 4,200 K.

On the basis of differences in the shape of the bulb following types of energy-saving lamps

The most popular are the first two options but only on the quality of work does not affect structural features of the bulb. If you choose to focus on their own preferences and room design.

Deciding for themselves the question which light sources are best need to know what the main difference between the performances of different flasks is cost spiral designs are more expensive due to complicated manufacturing process.

Energy saving lamps are characterized by several advantages but in some ways still inferior to the more advanced light sources. The main advantages

If the lighting appears to be unpleasant for perception means energy saving light bulbs were mismatched.

The negative features of the lighting equipment is generally apparent in direct comparison with analogues. So fluorescent compact design offers relatively high cost if to consider incandescent and halogen version.

For the price of energy saving light bulb is closer to the led which means relatively high costs in the case of simultaneous replacement of all lights in the house.

In addition, they react negatively to frequent vklyuchayuschaya as incorrect operation leads to a significant reduction in service life. In comparison with led counterparts any other lamp are losing if we consider the duration of the operation.

Led lights can last from 50,000 to 100,000 hours if you choose a compact fluorescent performance can only count to 6 000-12 000 hours. In ideal conditions, these lights last up to 20,000 hours.

Another shortcoming of the presence in the flask of harmful substances. If the damage of the light sources of this type should not be disposed of in the usual way by throwing them in the trash. There is a manual in case of damage the hermetic housing of the light source. Not all energy-saving lamps of the compact type are incompatible with dimmers dimmer switches. Another disadvantage lies in the fact that the inclusion of the full capacity is not immediate. To warm up the device takes about a minute.

You first need to determine the shape of the bulb and type of base as the these settings allow you to set the light source in a particular lamp. Then selected the appropriate execution power level. Keep in mind that the intensity of light depends precisely on this characteristic the higher the value of the power the brighter the light.

When deciding what kind of light bulbs better choose in advance to determine how their inclusion. Compact fluorescent light sources uses an electronic starter. It provides higher quality light without flicker. Following the criterion of the color temperature.

To further avoid experiencing discomfort from the effects of light at home, you need to choose fulfillment in the range from 2 700 K yellow light reminiscent of incandescent bulbs up to 4 200 K illumination close to natural.

It is recommended to pay attention to the brand and the cost. Reliable manufacturers generally offer a guarantee of up to several years. Since energy-saving lamps are quite expensive it is desirable to select high-quality products to pay attention to the presence of ventilation for cooling the ballast. This will prolong the life of the product.

Compact fluorescent lamps are not dangerous undamaged. Inside these light sources contain mercury in quantities up to 5 mg. of the Lamp in any case cannot be stored in the apartment after a breach of the integrity of the bulb. As a result of prolonged exposure to mercury on the living body it can cause poisoning. Therefore, energy-saving lamps in the event of damage or at the end of the service life must be disposed of.Individuals must pass such light sources to the management company at the place of residence. Reception of hazardous waste free of charge.

For legal entities there is a possibility of cooperation directly with the specialized organizations responsible for the disposal of hazardous wastes including fluorescent lamps. If the light crashed in the room you need to open Windows to collect all the pieces to treat the area with a solution of potassium permanganate.

Thus despite the presence of mercury vapor in the bulb for the home or apartment is quite possible to choose a compact fluorescent light sources.

In comparison with incandescent lamps in such devices there are many advantages of longer lifespan high illumination intensity low level of energy consumption. Due to the fact that today there is a new version with E27 base and E14 energy-saving light bulbs easy to install. When you select should pay attention to the presence of the ventilation holes next to the ballast thereby reducing the heating of the case.

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