Criteria for the selection of lamps for sauna and bath

23 december 2016, 00:41

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Lighting in the bath is used for a variety of tasks. It is first necessary to provide a sufficient level of visibility for safe orientation in space. Even with lights sauna or steam room, you can decorate the room if you use the led light strip is designed for 12V all work to easily perform their own hands. And besides, it is very important to create the most relaxing atmosphere after bath is not only a means of cleansing the body but also an effective method of relaxation.


In different areas of the light emission intensity can be very different. Lighting in the bath should be soft. Bright and highly cutting the eyes glow in the steam will prevent the rest. In this room is enough ambient light. But it is important to consider where to position lighting to ensure safe conditions for the stay in the steam room.

Degree of protection IP

To do this, you first need to install lighting for the bath suitable for degree of protection IP54 and above. Switches and all sockets must also be characterized by resistance to temperature extremes and high humidity.

For sauna and steam rooms suitable for execution with degree of protection IP44 and above. One of the ways to use a step-down transformer to change the voltage level to a value of 12 V.

In the premises of various purpose it is recommended to use different types of fixtures for the bath. The fact that not all light sources are functioning effectively under high temperatures. Therefore, the steam room or sauna it is better to choose the easiest option bulb. Moreover, its capacity should be at the level of 40-60 W to provide a more subdued light.

No led light performance, no energy saving or fluorescent or even halogen lights should not be installed in the steam room as it is unsafe.

But for the rest rooms and other areas quite fit the above lamp because the temperature rises to very high values of 100 degrees in only one steam room.

There are several most suitable to the characteristics of the light sources for use in wet areas

Various options of lamps

Last option operates on the basis of flexible bundles of fibers of steklopaketov. They represent the core light guide which is characterized by a high degree of refraction. These fixtures for the bath are completely safe as they are able to withstand a temperature increase to 200 degrees.

They are easy to install with their hands and also don't have to use a special grid of wood or the shade depending on the type of fixture. These decorative elements usually employ to dim the lights.

To ensure safety in the steam room in the organization of the lighting system with their hands, you should consider several rules

Adhering to these rules may be to arrange the safest possible lighting system in the bath.

In the first place draws attention to the material from which made the main structural elements. For example glass should be frosted and tempered. The type of power source is also taken into account 12 volts or 220 volts.

The most secure is considered the first option but today is more commonly used mains voltage for connection of the light sources of the sauna. When choosing the attention to the installation method of the outdoor devices ceiling mounted devices and their capacity.

It is important to take into account the size of the room. The bigger the room the more powerful need the equipment. Degree of protection of fixtures outlets and switches should be high.

And of course, it is recommended to take into consideration the design of lighting style direction of the room. To rectify the situation able shade mounted on the lamp.

From how resistant to heat is the lamp will depend on the location. It is recommended to avoid mounting the light sources in most of the hottest places of the sauna. Moreover, it is desirable to place lighting below eye level, preferably on the backs of tourists. Make the light even more muted shade will help it's easy to set your own hands on the lamp.

At the organization of the rest rooms can be used led light strip which may be mounted with their hands. To connect will require a power supply of 12 volts. If in the case of a classic lamp for lowering the brightness of the light using lampshade when you select the ribbon you need at the stage of assembling his own hands to arrange the reflecting surface in the direction which will focus the radiation of the backlight. So it is possible to provide a diffuse glow.

Thus efficient and safe lighting of the bath should be slightly muted which is often used for shade. You can connect the lighting directly to the grid or through a step-down transformer which reduces the voltage to 12 volts. In the break room illumination is often organized with the help of led tape which is quite simple to perform with his own hands.

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