Criteria for the selection of led lights for bathtubs

23 december 2016, 00:41

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Led lamps LED unlike other performances for lighting rooms kitchen should be characterized by additional options for strength characteristics and a reasonable degree of protection. This is important for safety because the bathroom is elevated humidity level and the lamp regardless of its type recessed ceiling and others can get a drop of water.


When you create a design project of a bathroom are considered the main factors

The last factor is based on the use of a moisture-resistant finishing materials room additionally, the lighting must meet a certain degree of protection IP54 IP65 IP66 IP67 IP68. The first three of these options are not fully protected from moisture but water drops will not affect their performance.

Bathroom lighting on the basis of the last two performances of fixtures IP67 IP68 is a completely safe option because the backlight with these characteristics specifically designed to work under water.

Bathroom lighting exists in two versions

Central ceiling lights usually employ as the main light source which provides a normal level of visibility. Usually not used in the bathroom too bright lighting is preferable to a soft diffused sometimes slightly dim lights. But local lighting should provide a more intense glow on certain areas for example the mirror area.

If led light sources are divided by purpose the room is used and local the main lighting and then not have to install a ceiling appliances of high intensity radiation as, if necessary, included bulb local importance with a bright glow.

Additionally, the bathroom fixtures are classified by installation method

Invoices do not require special efforts during installation and can be mounted on any surface of the mirror cabinets, and so on. Embedded execution set during repair as well as to provide for cable installation for example in suspended ceilings.

If the room is small size in such cases, the ceiling lamps can not be used and to select the wall option, located at the top of the wall.

The classification of lighting fixtures for the bathroom is also on functionality

Both options and spot lights and ribbon can be used for local illumination. In addition, using wall-mounted versions also have the ability to provide lighting to certain areas of the room.

The main characteristics of lighting are key. These include luminous flux of the lamp used which is responsible for the luminescence intensity method of fixing false ceiling belt enforcement and other protection. In the bathroom it is equally important to install energy-efficient lighting system than in other areas. And led lamp just is characterized by low energy consumption.

1 overhead light 2 - Working 3 Lower

Norms of illumination for your bathroom will determine a sufficient intensity of illumination 200 Lux or 2000 lumen for each sq. m., Approximately the value provide led lamp power which is in the range of 2-3 watts.

Accordingly, it will be easy to calculate what capacity you need to purchase a lamp. If you will install tape you need to take into account the length of such a device value of the power 1 meter of tape, multiplied by the length.

Lighting should be planned before the repair. The only way you can get to the effective functioning of the lighting system. The calculation takes the size of the room. On this basis the question whether ceiling lamp the larger the room the greater the probability that they can not do without.

If the bathroom area allows you can implement different ideas. One of the options to replace wall-mounted light sources, floor lamps designs, interesting shapes.

Spot recessed lamp can be arranged in the form of a figure such as an imitation of the sky when mounted in the suspended ceiling. Installed with the reverse side of translucent frosted panels led strip can also be an interesting accent.

Therefore, lamp-based diodes are one of the most suitable options when furnishing the bathroom. To get the lighting system long-term operation need to pick up the lamp brands tested as in this case, the design probably uses high-quality crystals which directly affects the speed of their degradation.

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