Criteria for the selection of quality aquarium lighting

23 december 2016, 00:41

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The basis of life for plants and all living organisms is the presence of water and light. So life in the aquarium must be of high quality lighting. With water to capacity all clear but the light plays a very important role. Because you choose the wrong light source, there is a risk that the aquarium from a source of comfort will turn into a source of headaches.


If you approach the issue seriously and want to take into account all aspects of lighting for the aquarium then you should answer the following three questions

Everyone who wants to equip your tank with a bunch of questions go to find answers on the Internet this article will discuss major issues associated with lighting for aquarium.

As previously indicated, the light is one of the basic components of life. For the existence and growth of plants and fish, it is also not less necessary. Effect on fish is not particularly strong as these creatures are physically unable to withstand the stay on great depths where light enters so largely light affects their color. With your Pets will sparkle with all the colors of the rainbow. Of course, if too long they will be without light, it can affect their health to be subject to the risk of disease development and possible death.

Calculation of lighting power

Plants need lighting a lot more fish as it is their source of power conducive to their growth and development. With the lessons of biology we all know that during growth the plants to stretch it to the light. In the light aktiviziruyutsya all physiological processes of plants.

Each species of fish has different needs in lighting. When calculating you need to consider this factor as some fish need more high-level while others prefer to live in darkness. If the population of the aquarium consists of both types of fish then in the calculation you want to add to places where fish can hide and place them so that the light did not get there.

Aquarium lighting is measured in Watts per liter of VTL. The default value is appropriate for most fish is considered to be 0.3-0.4 VTL. If the capacity is large, and its height two feet higher than then the figure should be higher.

The most common sources of lighting for the aquarium are fluorescent lamps. When buying fish you should know which indicator light you need for each of them. Only after you have decided on the species of fish that you will have to live can begin to calculate the necessary power of lighting for the aquarium.

To calculate it is very simple you take the total wattage of all the lamps and divide by the volume of water in the container the output is a measure which should meet the requirements.

The best lamp is one that emits light which is most similar to natural sunlight. Thanks to this lighting, all the plants and fish will feel comfortable and all their needs will be met.

Very often aquarium owners place them on the window sill near the window so it is impossible to do for a number of reasons

The tank must be completely balanced habitat for powerful sun exposure he is too fragile biological system. Therefore, the natural lighting for aquarium is better to replace the artificial as close as possible to the sun. It is best to place the tank away from Windows to avoid direct sunlight on it.

Artificial lighting is best done with fluorescent or led lamps. Fluorescent lamps T8 and T5 format the most popular, they are very good for normal growth and development of plants. When buying ready-made aquarium most likely it will be equipped with such a lamp. The difference between the fifth and eighth format is their size and power.

The first is much slimmer than that of its rational use in aquariums larger volumes or where you need brighter light. The second on the contrary have a larger size but less power. If your aquarium with a volume of 50 l then you can use a compact fluorescent lamp. The calculation of the amount of such lamps to be made according to the principle described above.

More appropriate to natural light can emit led lamp. This effect is achieved due to different levels of light diodes located in the same lamp. Such lamps are often equipped with a control device through which you can regulate the light smoothly and in accordance with the needs of the aquarium inhabitants and plants. But led lights are much more expensive than fluorescent so their use is not affordable for everyone.


Summarizing all the types of lamps you can select the types specially suitable for plants or for fish. For algae to light of red and blue spectrum. If the lamp specializiruetsya for plants then it should be marked on the packaging or listed in the title.

But specialized lamps is better not to get involved as they may make the imbalance in the microclimate of the aquarium.

The price for them varies greatly such as T5 fluorescent lamps cost about $ 5 and T8 about $ 3-4. If you decide to use newer technologies and settled on led bulbs then you will have to pay at least 12 dollars apiece. The price of specialized lamps can reach up to a few tens of dollars.

When buying lamps, pay attention to the build quality of the structure itself. Doesn't have any cracks chips Shatov. The design must be completely sealed, the wire is not damaged. Always ask what would the store employee checked the bulb for serviceability and water resistance.

If you want you your aquarium has acquired a certain hue, then you need a lighting system you need to add the lamp with the desired color. If you only need 2-3 bulbs on this aquarium is no more than one color bulb. To maintain a healthy atmosphere must have lamp with white light.

Keep in mind that the plants must be covered completely. If there are parts of the plant which are not covered properly there is a risk that they will start to rot. Of course overdo this, too, is not necessary if there is an excess of light on the walls of the container may appear greenish patina.

Approaching the choice of lighting, you should carefully consider all the aspects and subtleties of the case. You need to correctly calculate the number of lamps which will illuminate the entire volume of your aquarium and the life for your fish and plants will be most favorable. The choice of the type of the lamp is also a crucial moment then you need to rely not only on the quality and demand of illumination but also on the amount you are willing to give on this matter.

Always remember that the design color lighting aquarium the greater part should be a white light spectrum. It is this light will contribute to the proper functioning of all the vital functions. And remember selection of quality lighting and the correct placement will contribute to your moral satisfaction, and all the inhabitants of the aquarium, though conventionally, but I will say thank you.

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