Criteria of choosing a reliable lamp for aquarium

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Unfortunately, many owners forget that the aquarium is primarily designed to simulate sunlight so necessary for the life of fish and plants. High or insufficient intensity of illumination can cause fish diseases and disorders of plant photosynthesis. Comfortable for the inhabitants is the duration of the artificial photoperiod length of 10 ÷ 12 hours.

Particularly relevant balanced light for aquarium with the marine animals as fish which come from tropical countries, an intense scattering light emanating from Led lamps. The correct lamp for marine aquarium provides a stable flora inside the tank healthy growth and development of plants and minimizes the likelihood of them rotting.


Say at once that lighting with traditional incandescent lamps, did not immediately take to consideration because they are not economical and creates superficial heating of water layers. Modern technologies allow to create effective, beautiful and functional lighting with fixtures based on the use of the following lamps

The choice of power lyuminestsentnykh lamps for volume

Luminous. Budget option allows you to create aquarium with their hands. The main disadvantages is the low output and the need to useballast apparatus which greatly increases the size of the lamp.

Luminaires with fluorescent lamps are characterized by light emission with a temperature of 2800 ÷ 7800 K and the power flow in the range from 8 to 58 Lmwt.

Metal halide. Luminous flux generated by such lamps is distinguished by improved properties of penetration into water layers with simultaneous water heating. This factor necessitates a suspension of the metal halide lamp at a certain height above the container. The disadvantage of lamps of this type is their high cost and the need to use hard reflective elements.

Types of lamps and their characteristics

Lamp metal halide produces a spectrum of light emission 2500 ÷ 20 000 K and luminous flux up to 100 Lmwt.

Led. Innovative technology has determined the high efficiency of these lamps. Intense light beam which creates a led lighting device penetrates to any depth and does not change the thermal balance of water in the tank. Light Led stream has a high colour rendering and does not create excessive glare surfaces.

Led lamps consume no more than 12 W and a range of color temperatures of the radiation is simply amazing 2500 ÷ 20 000 K with a light output up to 180 Lmwt.

When buying a lamp you should pay attention to the type of used light source, the presence of reflex reflectors energy efficiency class degree of protection from spray and safety class.

Before proceeding directly to the choice of lamp for aquarium, it is necessary to determine the characteristics of the container and the required operational parameters

The illumination of the aquarium

The illumination of the aquarium is determined by the species of plants and species of fish. On average, there are four levels of illumination depending on the light output

If you aspire to create comfortable conditions for plant growth you should choose a lamp for the aquarium which will create emission in the orange-red spectrum and for reproduction in the blue-violet.

The most ergonomic and energy-efficient are LED lamps from AQUAXER and AQUATLANTIS. They allow you to create main and additional spot lighting of the aquarium and the democratic price is not reflected in the duration of the work.

Lamps CYREX LED are programmable and highly energy-efficient led lighting devices. They allow you to form a multi-color luminous flux and high cost are proportional to the comfort of use and duration of use.

A more budget option offered by the manufacturers BOYU CL and FERPLAST with fluorescent lamps.

If you do not have big funds but seek to provide high-quality lighting try to make the aquarium your own hands. This homemade option will allow you to use any type of lamp and create a design of the lamp is in strict accordance with the dimensions of the tank.

The design of the aquarium is its location in the room determines the method of placement of the lamp. For uniform illumination of the water and the flora of aquarium lighting full color fish it is desirable to place the lights in the upper area of the aquarium. It is highly recommended to use a protective glass between the aquarium and lighting system.

The lamp from the manufacturer FERPLAST

Type of light source determines the height of fluorescent and LED lamps should be placed at a height of 8-12 cm from the water level and the metal halide lamps at a height of not less than 20 cm
If you are using a homemade light source then consider putting a brighter bulb to the front wall of the aquarium.

For aquarium owners its aesthetic value lies in the visibility of the colorful diversity of the underwater world and peaceful contemplation of life of its inhabitants. When creating an aquarium should remember the following

Regardless of size he will always be accentually element in the premises for any purpose and with any design

Modern design solutions allow you to implement the idea of installing aquariums in open columns, in the format of a wall or furniture, the design of cabinets and shelves. The most bold ideas use aquariums in the form of coffee tables and bar stands.

On the basis of design decisions and scale of aquarium the play of light gives you the opportunity to create a truly ephemeral paintings water Kingdom.

If the aquarium is part of the space of the column or simulates a part of the wall but the best solution would be a complete imitation of its transparency which is a powerful upper Led lighting. For the restaurant or cafe through the use of side and top lighting, you can get the game of tones which creates the illusory romance of the deep.

If you aspire to dim but exquisite accent with the help of aquarium lighting designers recommend the use of led lamps that will harmonize with the overall color scheme of the room. Fortunately the modern led technology allows to obtain a luminous flux of any color.

Well and for fans of eccentric ideal option would be a homemade led light fixture with multiple lamps diametrically opposite of the color spectrum of cold and warm colors. This will allow you to change the color of the lighting depending on mood and emotion.

Universal recommendations on the use of lighting, there can be too many factors causes normal microcosm in the aquarium water but we should remember that the lighting should be

Aquarium lighting unison power saving functionality and beauty
Properly designed aquarium lighting allows you to create a comfortable environment for its inhabitants and people to enjoy a view of the game colors of the underwater world.


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