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23 december 2016, 00:37

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Recently, the word led is associated with display devices. Since they were quite expensive and radiated just a few colors while still poorly illuminated. With the advancement of technology, the price of led products gradually decreased the scope of the broad steps was expanded.

Today they are used in different devices are used almost everywhere where need lighting. Lights and lamps in vehicles equipped with LEDs advertising on billboards emit led strip. In a domestic environment, they are also the least often used.


Not spared and the lights. Thanks to the powerful LEDs it has become possible to assemble heavy duty and quite Autonomous lantern. These lights can emit a very strong and bright light in the far distance or over a large area.

In this article we will tell you about the main advantages of LEDs are high power and will tell you how to fold led lamp with your hands. If you have experienced this then you will be able to Supplement their knowledge for beginners in this area the article will answer many questions associated with led lights with their application.

If you want to save using the led, you should consider some factors. As is sometimes the price of such a lamp may exceed any savings. If you have to spend a lot of time and money on maintenance of light sources the total number of them consumes a lot of electricity then you should consider whether the led is the best replacement.

Before conventional lamps the led has a number of benefits that elevate it

If you decide to collect with his own hands led light for movement in the dark or in the night time but don't know where to start You can help you. The first thing to do is to find the necessary elements for Assembly.

Here is a preliminary parts list

Of course this list needs to be supplemented with another battery but it is an element that can be easily found in any home and it does not require special training. You should also pick up a case or some kind of Foundation on which you will install the whole scheme. A good case is an old non-working flashlight or one that you are going to modify.

In the collection of schemas you will need a transformer but its in the list are not added. We will do it with their hands of ferrite rings and wires. It is very easy to take our ring and begin to wind the wire forty five times this wire will connect to the led. Take another wire and spool it for thirty times and sent to the base of the transistor.

The resistor used in the circuit should have a resistance of only 2000 Ohms using a resistance scheme can work without interruption. When testing schemes of the resistor R1 is replaced by a similar adjustable resistance. To include the whole circuit and adjusting the resistance of this resistor to set the voltage at a level of approximately 25mA.

As a result, you'll know what the resistance should be at this point and can find a suitable resistor to the desired nominal resistance.

If the schema is written in full compliance with the above requirements then the flashlight should work. If it doesn't work then maybe you made the following error

If the amount of light from a flashlight is not enough then you can collect powerful flashlight powered by a battery to 12 volts. This lamp is still portable but considerably larger in size.

For an Assembly diagram of a lamp with your own hands, we need the following details

Electrical tape heat-shrink tubing and small clamps to give the wiring in order.
The battery can be made with your own hands from the small batteries used in RC toys. You may need 8-12pcs depending on their capacity to collectively work on 12 volts.

To the contacts on the bulb are soldered two wires of each length must exceed the length of the battery a few inches. All thoroughly isolated. When connecting the lamp and battery switch be installed so that used, it was located at the opposite end from the led lamp.

On the ends of the wires coming from the lamp or battery pack that we made with his own hands sets of special connectors for easy connection. Collect the whole scheme and check its performance.

Assembly diagram

If everything works then start building the hull. Cutting off the required length of the pipe insert in it all our design. Battery Carefully fixed inside with glue so it does not hurt the bulb in operation.

At both ends of the installed fitting fasten it with glue so we protect the lamp from accidental contact with moisture inside. Then, display our toggle switch on the opposite side from the lamp and also carefully fastened. The rear fitting must fully close the switch for its walls and twisted the cap to prevent the ingress of moisture there.

To use, simply Unscrew the plug to enable the lamp and re-tighten.

The most expensive thing you will need is led light bulb 12 volt. It costs around 4-5 dollars. Digging in old toys children batteries with broken cars will be free for you.

The tumbler and the pipe can also be found in the garage trimming of such pipes always remain after repairs. If tubes and batteries no , you can ask friends and neighbors or buy at the store. If you buy absolutely everything then this lamp might cost you about 10 dollars.

Led technology gaining more and more popularity. Having good characteristics in a short time they can completely displace all competitors in the field of lighting. And to build a powerful portable lamp with led lamp with your hands does not constitute the virtually no difficulty.

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