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Brand Ecola appeared after 2000 In those days was a fairly wide range of lighting products. By 2010, the number of models increased to 600. The company works with wholesale companies as well as in the small business segment. Today's popular led bulb with GX53 holder used in the installation of suspended ceilings is actively introduced to the Russian market manufacturer of Ecola.

Such light sources can significantly save the space between the suspended structure and a rough overlap of the ceiling. In addition GX53 lighting element does not heat stretch fabric which significantly extends the service life of the latter. Therefore, for suspended ceilings lamps Ecola is one of the best to date.


All luminaires and light sources are divided into three groups. The difference between the lamps in each of the categories is price which in turn is formed on the basis of a set of certain parameters of the product

The range of energy saving lamps based on diodes and fluorescent counterparts. A wide selection of parts and accessories for lighting products Ecola. In addition to light bulbs manufacturer produces another and lights recessed overhead. Separate groups submitted to waterproof product and floodlights.

Different lamps in the cap of GX53 GX70 GU10 E27 E14 G4 G9 T25. If desired, you can replace the linear fluorescent light sources T8 led counterparts with the same cap but safe and even more economical. Available in a choice of the many versions of lighting elements with different shape of the bulb candle candle in the wind bowl corn spiral reflector and the standard variant pear-shaped.

There are unique lighting elements performed under a real candle with a wick and wax drops. Externally the lamp is difficult to distinguish from the candle however, it has a basement and consumes power. In addition under the brand Ecola produced light sources of different colors bulb and led strip.

The capacity of most lamps is in the range from 3 to 12 watts this is more than enough for the home. There is a separate line of lighting elements with holder T8 and GX70 is a type of corn which includes a powerful model with a large load to the diode light sources 9 to 21 watts.

Almost all lamps Ecola equipped with fully open or partially closed flask. You can choose a model with a Matt or transparent diffuser.

The vast majority of performances is offered in two variations perfect color temperature 2 700 K and 4 000 K. Some light sources are characterized by a color temperature of 6,500 K.

These three options provide lighting for almost any requirements warm 2 700 K 4 000 K neutral and cool light 6 500.

All products are able to operate without loss of efficiency at temperatures of up to -40 degrees. On the website of the manufacturer ecola state it is possible to find the dimensions of each bulb.

Led lighting elements have a common drawback high price. However, the products of the brand ecola state stands out from other counterparts by more affordable prices.

The advantage of such lamps is quite a lot

This is the main advantages of the products of the brand ecola state in comparison with many manufacturers of led bulbs. In addition we should also highlight the overall benefits from each of the light sources based on diode durability safety reliability resistance to vibration resistance to voltage drops in the network.

Due to the more attractive prices bulbs brand ecola state pay off faster. At home, they are at least 4 years. This manufacturer basically offers a guarantee only for 1 year. However, this does not mean that the product will last a long time. Practice shows that led light sources for several years to provide bright lighting.

Color temperature products ecola state is in a better position than some of the known analogues. Bulb light 2 700 To allow you to create a cozy atmosphere with its warm yellow glow. Again, products other brands at this temperature, emit white light. Sometimes users complain about the rapid failure of lighting elements and even replacement under warranty does not solve the problem.

In such situations, with high probability we can say that the lamps are operated improperly or overheat either be installed in rooms with high humidity levels and do not meet the terms of the protection class.

Products of most famous brands counterfeited. And led light sources are no exception. To purchase light bulbs of this type are recommended dealers. Buying cheap products, the user runs the risk to buy a fake. The service life of such lamps is much shorter and in addition they are characterized by slightly different characteristics.

This is due to the fact that cheap analogues are used parts of low quality and hence the crystals are rapidly degraded. Therefore it is better to pay a little more but get a product with excellent characteristics.

Unusual lamp with adapter

Thus, the products of the brand ecola state has its advantages a wide range of unique models of lights such as candles with a wick capable of operating at quite low temperatures. Order lamp for a long time, it is important to exploit it which implies effective heat dissipation. Also, it contributes to the purchase of light bulbs from the manufacturer.

It is not necessary to pay attention to the light sources which are much cheaper. Usually it is a fake and therefore money will be wasted because the lamp very quickly cease to Shine brilliantly or even burns due to the use of substandard components driver.

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