Features and benefits of the chandelier fan

23 december 2016, 00:42

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Ceiling lighting fixture is equipped with a fan, combines two important functions creates a movement of air thereby significantly reducing the indoor temperature and providing air cooling of the human body lights up the room.

Chandelier of this type can be activated by means of a cord wall switch and remote control. Lamp with fan is often equipped with 3-6 blades and several light sources.


Use lighting devices with forced air cooling system where for various reasons there is no possibility to install air conditioning.

But this chandelier has its advantages

But the main advantage of a lighting device with blades is to integrate the two functions, blow-off room and lighting. There are also disadvantages for example a slight change in the room temperature while the air conditioning would have coped better with this task.

Otherwise, if you choose the right lighting device of this type given its dimensions, configuration and type of lamps it is possible to obtain equally effective ceiling lamp than the standard design not equipped with a fan.

Chandelier with blades used both indoors and outside leisure area at the site gazebo. It can be installed in a private house the apartment or on objects of other purpose. For example in commercial premises cafes restaurants the office on the weekend in theatres, etc. the Fan is a better option if HVAC equipment is not recommended to install a split system or configuration and dimensions of the room does not allow it.

Often the lamp with the blades mounted in the room where there is already air conditioning. If individually each of these devices solves the specific tasks that together they will create a more comfortable indoor climate.

The fact that the air conditioner cools the air while the ceiling fan contributes to more effective circulation. And that means cold air will be evenly distributed throughout the room.

The body of the chandelier can be made in different design and also have a different configuration. In addition, such lighting devices are made from metal, plastic, glass and some models have elements made of fabric. This allows you to pick the product for specific requirements the interior design of it features colors.

Ceiling lamp with blades suitable for kitchen as it promotes air circulation so that the heat in the cooking process less noticeable. Such devices can be effective in living room bedroom children's room.

In the regeneration system of illumination by means of lamps with the blades you need to remember that in some areas a small area is recommended to avoid the installation of a Central lighting device. This may affect the visual perception of the room in particular she will seem even smaller.

One of the main criteria the diameter of the blades. This parameter depends on the area of the blowing. When the ceiling is 3 m it is recommended to choose a ceiling lighting the blade diameter of which is approximately 25 times smaller than the area of the blowing. It is also important to consider external characteristics of the fan in particular shade the main structural elements. The fan can be equipped with different number of blades from 1 to 8. The most common variant with 3-6 items.

To provide the right level of lighting should pay attention to the number of lamps the type and parameters luminous flux color temperature power bulb type. Taken into account and the configuration of the lamp location ceiling overall dimensions of the chandelier. Another criterion method of operation.

To simplify your task and to be able to change the operating mode remotely, it is recommended to choose a lamp with a remote control. Some models have different lamp types and provide colored illumination.

One of the most well-known manufacturers of lighting fixtures with fan are Faro Globo Rolling Star SolerampPalau Vento. The price varies from 6 000 to 41 000. the Most expensive products of the brand Vento. This designer chandeliers which have an unusual configuration.

The cost depends on the level of functionality of the device the number of modes of the velocities of the blade control method such as model with remote will cost more.

The most popular lamps in the middle price category 7 000-10 000 RUB. in particular Nordik Nordik Decor White Decor Wood HTD Maris Star Antic Star. A very wide range of models. To navigate you need to consider the characteristics of the premises including the interior design.

For example, the model Antic Star is antique. For this case covered with gold leaf which is artificially aged. There is ceiling lighting in rustic style of hi-tech modern.

Classic and modern performance

Depending on the chandelier design can conceal the space so in case of small floor space and low ceilings it is recommended to choose more compact model which will be located as close to the ceiling. The size of the room depends on the diameter of the blades will fit. More powerful and more efficient the lamp the more it will cost.

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