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23 december 2016, 00:42

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The presence detector controls the lighting allows for a more efficient use of lighting. It is set to control the lighting system to turn on the lights air conditioning and forced ventilation video surveillance and alarm systems. The presence sensor and motion work on a similar principle. The first of these has high sensitivity and responds to the slightest perturbation while the second option captures only a rather sharp movement.


The presence detector can work for two reasons when it detects a moving object if the intensity of the natural light decreased. Moreover, such a device will turn on the lamp, even if the coverage is already in people but changed time of day and natural light became less bright.

The basis of operation of the device automatic switch on is the technology of infrared radiation. Fixing the heat radiation is carried out using an optical system which performs another function projects the data on the presence sensor.

Given the principle of precise measurement of the level of illumination and fixation of moving objects, the devices automatically turn on the light more effective in rooms where people mostly sit. This can be a meeting room classrooms offices and space type "open space" rooms of hotels, sports complexes and halls corridors staircases and platforms.

The presence sensor is characterized by a set of individual properties which distinguish this device from a number of such products.

The main parameters

The presence sensor is selected based on the configuration of its service object. In this case plays the role of the installation height of the area which should be monitored for the appearance of moving objects.

There are models that cover is not round but a square platform. This increases the efficiency of the devices automatically turn on the light as in this case, the sensor monitors the change in the level of thermal radiation around the perimeter of the room.

The advantages of using this technique quite a lot

Varieties and benefits

Of the minuses is possible to allocate some difficulties during configuration. Devices of this type operate properly and in a timely manner include lighting only if the parameters set as close to operating conditions.

Still it is important to carefully select a site for the installation to within range of there were no trees glass partitions otherwise, the presence sensor is noticeably worse to work will decrease the level of efficiency will increase the frequency of false positives.

The cost of such devices can be very different on average 500-2, 000. pricing is affected by a number of technical characteristics mounting height delay time range mounting method design. The more functional the sensor the more it will cost. One of the leaders in this field manufacturer Theben HTS. The range includes different models with degree of protection IP20 IP40 allowing you to install them in various conditions.

Possible in devices of this brand are very large, the brightness in accordance with the requirements from 5 to 3 000 LX time of standby mode can vary from 30 to 60 min. the same range of the parameter timeout. Installation at different heights, installation is as simple as possible by using spring clips. In the standby mode, decreases the level of brightness of lamps from 1 to 25%.

Products Theben HTS

Select the sensor should be primarily on the basic parameters, but in addition to that, it is advisable to pay attention to the brand of the product. The fact is that reliable and proven manufacturers value their reputation and their products are of high quality. At the same time it is impossible to say that any available at the price presence sensor is bad, not at all.

Simple inexpensive models often have poor build quality in such products can be used cheap materials that determines the lowest cost. But there is the middle option of affordable devices that have a minimum set of functions.

The Assembly of the device automatically turn on the light with your hands alternative purchase counterpart. If you are in the market range for various reasons are not satisfied you can attend to the possibility of creating such a device on their own. You will need the following elements of the future design the power supply resistor subscript resistance of transistor p-n-p junction photocell relay.

The power supply usually uses a low-voltage output voltage of 5-12 V. match it should be in accordance with the level of supplied load. The photocell can be any it is important to fulfill two conditions to the anode solder resistance limiting the current supply to the cathode element of the positive pole. Then connects subscript resistance single pin is soldered to the negative pole of the power supply to the other of the limiting resistor.

The transistor base is connected to a free output of the potentiometer collector to the positive pole of the supply element. Relays must be soldered to the negative pole of the power supply. Free contacts of this element are connected to the load.

As you can see, it is possible to collect though simple but effective device automatically turn on the light. His design uses inexpensive components. To get the device increased load in the scheme added another relay.

Thus, the presence sensor greatly simplifies life saves energy eliminates the need to flip the switch to turn on the lights. You can configure it to your needs in particular to set a light level where the lamp turns on. The cost of such equipment is relatively small but if you want you can collect the device on their own. It is important to choose a power supply and other design elements appropriate to the value of supplied load.

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