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Halogen lamps belong to the group of products with a filament as they have a similar construction. But this performance presents a much wider assortment with holder GU10 G4 G9 G12 H4 and other and lasts longer. Despite the emergence of more efficient lamps based on diodes luminous performance halogen lights are still popular.


Device lighting elements with a filament similar glass bulb filament base. But only halogen bulbs contain iodine or bromine. Thanks to chemical processes during operation, a gaseous filling in this composition allows to significantly extend the service life of the light source released from the filament, the tungsten atoms interact with the Halogens iodine, bromine which creates an obstacle to their further deposition on the inner walls of the flask.

This process is reversible under the influence of high temperatures, new compounds decompose to the elements. The release of the tungsten atoms occurs in the vicinity of the filament or on its surface. This principle increases the service life of the lamps and in addition light flow becomes more intense.

First of all, the classification is performed on the basis of differences in power sources

Varieties and classification lamps

The first version products can be connected to a dedicated power source 220V only with the installation of the step-down transformer which are provided with normal working conditions the voltage is reduced to 12V.

Such halogen lamps are usually equipped with pin socket type G4 G9 GU10 G12 H4, etc. the Last option of the named holders of the H4 is used in the automotive industry in particular, is installed inside the headlights.

The types and bases

The division into groups is performed based on the structural differences of the lamps

Thanks to the many performances at the type of base GU10 G4 G9 G12 H4 etc. the shape of the bulb and type of power supply 12V or 220V halogen bulbs surpass analogues with a filament.

To determine the most preferred performance among all commercially available lamps are recommended to examine their main settings. This will allow you to choose a light source with the desired intensity level of light flux output and input voltage 12V or 220V.

Common types of bases

Key features

Marking forms of light bulbs

When energized, the ignition is instantaneous. Lighting efficiency depends on the power lamp the more load the more intense will be the light beam.

The organization of the lighting system involves the use of the most appropriate light sources. To determine which types of sodium lamps metal halide led fluorescent is best for use in certain conditions can be quite easy if we compare key features and highlight the pros and also cons of the use of the selected light source.

Positive aspects

Compare popular lighting sources

Cons well enough. Among them, the exposure lamp voltage spikes in the network sensitivity to frequent switching fragility.

In addition it should be noted that the high heat under certain circumstances can cause a fire hazard.

One of the leaders in this area Osram. The range of products you can find light sources of all types of GU10 G4 G9 G12 etc. and also with different power 20W 35W 40W 50W 70W and above. There are bulbs for car headlight model Osram H7 Night Breaker Unlimited 12V 55W. Can be found capsule performance with reflector bulb features a classic shape.

Other well-known manufacturers of Camelion Navigator. The cost of such products varies, regardless of the shape of the bulb as the determining factor in pricing is the power of the products. Lamp 20W are available at a more affordable price from 40 RUB. PCs. product 70W 150W will cost more than 400 RUB.

One of the critical recommendations that provide a longer period of operation of the lighting element is the need to use a napkin or cloth lint-free microfiber cloth when you install the bulb into the socket.

Otherwise the product will burn out quickly due to the redistribution of temperature due to sticking of lint or fingerprint. These areas of the bulb blackened.

Before buying halogen light source need to know that even a quality product will last in the range of 2 000-4 000 hours. To extend the work if possible to avoid frequent switching on the light. This contributes to a more stable input voltage.

Thus models of halogen light sources, there are many different types of holders G4 GU10 and G12. power 20W 50W 70W and above. Many manufacturers offer quality products in particular model Osram Night Breaker Unlimited Navigator. When choosing the following are the key characteristics power luminous flux type cap the value of the supply voltage.

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