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Led bulb G9 represent a separate group of lighting elements LED capsule type which are characterized by a compact design. Another difference from most standard light bulbs of larger size is the type of holder provided for pin design.


Used G9 LED bulbs in fixtures that are equipped with the appropriate connectors for the installation of the pin cap of the capsule light sources. Due to the compactness and simple installation will take part in the organization of the lighting system via the lighting devices of unusual shapes and configurations. G9 led lamp allow to realize the most courageous design ideas of decorative or accent lighting.

Considering the light sources is powered from the mains 220V the design provides current limiting resistors. Current regulator driver is not available because of the compact size of the product. The design provides for all other standard led bulbs items lens not available in all models of emitters in different amount of aluminum circuit Board and heat sink to provide heat dissipation from the LED emitters.

The last of these elements is not present in all models there is a light bulb with no cooling due to low power and small size products. In addition there is also a basement which exists in different variants which is determined by the structural characteristics of the lamps glass metal ceramic.

Types of lamp bases, glass, metal and ceramic

Transcript designation G9 pin connection pin spacing is 9 mm. Led light bulb G9 is designed for connection to the 220V works on a similar principle as other types of light sources based on diode illumination is provided by recombination of electrons and holes semiconductor materials which are selected based on the wavelengths of the elementary particles of electromagnetic radiation of photons. It is important to emitted waves fall into the visible spectrum.

LED bulb 220V socket G9 exist in different versions. The division into types is made on the basis of the material of the shell metal glass ceramics. In addition there are different sources of light power 1W 2W 3W 4W 5W 7W 8W 9W 11W 13W 15W. There are intermediate options 24W and 33W.

Meet fully open corn and diffuser bulb

There are varieties of LED lamps with 220V socket G9 is excellent in design

In addition, there are performance c lens and a fully-open type corn. The effectiveness of the first option below, because the scattering angle of such LED lamps with pin base is not more than 240 degrees while the corn model emits light 360 degrees.

The lighting elements on 220V this type are characterized by such parameters

The color temperature of the lamps

In addition manufacturers often specify the brand of LEDs which is a key factor in determining the length of the bulb and will affect the value of the product. It is also customary to indicate the power level of the analogue with the same intensity of radiation.

First of all, we note significantly longer period of operation of the lighting elements LED. The period varies depending on the model lamp type diodes provided for in design and can range from 30 000 hours or more. Different manufacturers guarantee different periods.

The diode light sources at 220V economical as it consumes much less energy which distinguishes them from the halogen analogues which by the way operate just 2,000 hours.

The brightness level of the led light bulbs and analogues with a filament filling of the bulb the Halogens may be the same but the power of be different many times. For example, consider a LED product with base G9 5W. The luminous flux of this model is 400 LM. Halogen counterpart will provide the same result at a power of 40W.

Heated diode light sources during operation is also substantially less even with a rather large for such light bulbs 7W 9W load and more. Due to the strong heating of the halogen analogs are not suitable for use in certain fixtures. Both are installed the same way just the cap is inserted into the connector.

On the reliability of the diode light source is far superior to all other counterparts as it is often made of plastic of metal.

The choice should be made on the basis of which the lamp is to be mounted diode light bulb 220V plug socket with an open or closed canopy. On the basis of this selected model with the radiator or without it as in enclosed fixtures, the heat dissipation is difficult. In addition, at this stage, taken into account and a sufficient level of brightness for a particular object. The more powerful the light source the stronger it will heat up and hence the lamp with a heavy load always equipped with radiator 5W or more.

The brightness level of a product is determined by a number of parameters luminous flux colour temperature and colour rendering index. The type of lamp on the preferred design of the light source.

For example, a bulb with a scattering angle of radiation of 240 degrees, provides illumination of a smaller plot of land. But if the design of the lighting device allows you to use these bulbs without loss of quality lighting provides a large number of light sources ceiling outdoor and is characterized by a specific configuration. It is also important that the lamp was provided with special connectors for the installation of lamps with pin base.

The market offers a very large selection of versions with G9 holder of different brands. Some of the most famous Osram Philips Samsung Navigator Feron Gauss Uniel. The products of these manufacturers are popular due to high quality products. However, the cost of bulbs is high 200-400 rubles per model capacity 25-5W. Accordingly, the higher the load the more expensive light source.

The most expensive models provide high luminous intensity at the level of the halogen lamps 100 watts.

Users very popular products Samsung Gauss Uniel in addition to industry leaders Osram and Philips. It is important that the bulb was equipped with a radiator and was of good quality soldering. This will provide a much longer service life.

In practice, problems usually occur ring sources of light. Such products often do not meet the specs shines weakly and briefly consumes far less power than specified. In addition, the autopsy can detect the low quality of the soldering of the structural elements.

So you need to consider products from reliable brands offering long-term warranty of 1-3 years as all manufacturers of the above list. The quality of the radiation they had enough and the lighting is always consistent with the stated parameters. Lifetime is also specified real. A long period of operation due to high-quality crystals which are used in construction.

In addition, many reliable manufacturers enables the emitters of its own production Samsung Uniel and some others. The result is more expensive initially, the products will cost less than regular replacement of low-quality Chinese light bulbs because of their burnout.

Thanks to economical consumption of energy and high intensity of the emission diode lamps in the end will pay off quickly as they have been used for several years.

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