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23 december 2016, 00:43

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Led bulbs are gradually replacing a large part of the analogues of the glow discharge, etc. today the Range has grown so much that it is realistic to replace any source of light reflex in the form of candles or candle in the wind with different screw cap E14 E27 E40 pin.

In addition there are a variety of excellent performance in power 3W 5W 8W 20W and 120W and even the type of power source 220V 12V 24V. But if low-power led bulbs are mostly used throughout the variant with socket E40 is characterized by a more narrow scope of application due to large size and higher power.


Lamps with different characteristics with holder type of power source the shape of the bulb and capacity which are based on semiconductor crystals are used today for different purposes. In this case the purpose of the light source is defined by a set of basic parameters.

Lamps with cap E40 are used for replacement of mercury discharge lamps in street lighting. They are mounted in lighting fixtures adjoining areas on the facades of kindergartens schools

In everyday popular design with screw base E14 E27 power 3W 8W and so different types in the form of candles candle in the wind mushroom-shaped spherical pear-shaped, etc..

Design solutions are also implemented by different light sources. Allowed to apply selective low-voltage lamps and large chandeliers 220V. Led bulb is widely used for lighting in business administrative public buildings. But powerful light bulb with socket E40 can replace street similar types of DRL.

The only exception is the production sphere as led light sources for such facilities is used only in the organization of the emergency lighting system.

The model of the cap

Edison base E is a screw element which is screwed into the socket. Due to the presence of threads, these lamps are very quickly established. Moreover, there are no restrictions for the installation of lamps of different types, therefore, the threaded mount can be screwed into a compact lighting device or large chandelier.

This cap is very popular for street lighting. In the figures which are specified in the marking of the encrypted diameter of the screw part of the lamp holder.

Following the execution of E5, E10 E12 E14 E17 E26 E27 E40. The most popular three of them E14 E27 and E40. The latter represents a larger product given the size of the holder 40 mm dia.

Accordingly, the capacity of such lamps will be very high up to 120W. And this is for led light sources significantly when compared with the analogues with a capacity of 8W, which is able to illuminate quite a large area. Execution E14 is called a minion due to compact dimensions.

Given the opportunities of the lighting element holder E40 used for illumination of large objects warehouses of retail space. Led bulb of this type came to replace gas counterparts DRL and installed on the playgrounds adjoining school grounds. You can use them as a light source of the hospital courtyard of the grounds of kindergartens and administrative facilities.

Corn bulb for street lamps

Products in the form of a candle or candles in the wind are characterized by a holder of small size and less power with socket E14. So led lamps type E40 do not occur with this form of bulb. Light sources of this group exist in several versions excellent design corn bulb model. Moreover, the bulb may have a different shape cylinder elongated pear-shaped cylinder. The second option is found in transparent and matte versions.

Degree of protection IP64 confirms complete protection against dust and water to the body in any direction and at any angle

On protection degree led bulb with E40 holder are divided into performance products with IP40 models with IP64. Such protection from moisture and dust needed in the street lighting. When marking is specified mount type luminous flux lamp power color temperature and an indication of the light source.

The intensity of light provided by a number of factors power features bulb form transparency level and the type and the amount of used diodes. In the powerful light sources with socket E40 can be used chips with different characteristics. However, the most popular SMD type with different dimensions. The dimensions of the diode allow you to determine the intensity of the radiation of this element.

The design of the SMD diodes are designed for automated mounting on a surface without the use of manual soldering and Assembly, it has no analogues.

Therefore, to ensure high efficiency of luminescence is often used chips of large dimensions such as SMD 5630. But the power of the luminous flux determined by the number of crystals.

Accordingly, two led lamps with different number of chips which are characterized by different intensity of radiation will Shine equally.

Therefore, today no less popular light sources with a large basement providing a large number of low-power diodes SMD 2835 3535.

Most manufacturers offer products with a neutral and cold light 4 000-6 000 K which is quite reasonable given the purpose of these lights street lighting warehouses playgrounds, etc..

The optimum temperature for premises 3700-4200K natural white lighting or 2600-3200K warm white. Temperature 6000 K cool white less uncomfortable 2600 a thick yellow light.

But if necessary, you can extend the search according to this parameter, or you can make the personal order. Theoretically, the same led lighting elements with large basement can provide the color temperature in the range from 2 700 to 8 000 K.

The rapid growth of the popularity of these bulbs due to many advantages such as

Of the minuses can be identified only overpriced, however, as rapidly spreading this type of bulb is certain decrease in the cost. Another disadvantage associated with the need to ensure the main condition in the operation of the organization of the cooling system.

Before buying you should pay attention to a set of key parameters luminous intensity color temperature power bulb form degree of protection. If the data characteristics allow us to create acceptable conditions in the service area so the choice is made correctly.

Another important criterion is the quality of the diodes and hence the brand of the product. Regardless of the type of lamp E14 E27 E40 and so you need to consider not only the type and manufacturer of the diodes.

This is because of the direct dependence between the quality of the crystals and the lifetime of the bulb. Accordingly when you purchase the ring light sources, there is no guarantee whether a long operation. In this case, Chinese products with resources such as Aliexpress loses branded counterparts. However, there is always the chance to buy more or less decent products the main thing to know suppliers.

Chinese goods have a number of disadvantages, the disparity in power in a big way luminous the smaller side. If purchase light bulbs brands Uniel Gauss Osram Navigator and some other you can not worry about the life span of such products because it is well-known due to its reliability and high level of quality.

This will enable you to organize the lighting system most suitable for a specific object parameters type power supply 220V 12V radiation level and energy consumption of a light colour.

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