Features of the use of fluorescent lamps for plants

23 december 2016, 00:43

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Lamps for lighting of plants fitolampy used everywhere to ensure accelerated development of green spaces. Artificial light sources allow to create favorable conditions for the growth of the flower or seedlings in a period when natural lighting is insufficient. Mainly supply light needed for the plants in winter as the day length is very small. One of the suitable options for fluorescent lamps.


The main function of artificial lighting is to compensate sufficiently the shortage of light because without it plants are unable to develop fully in accordance with the inherent nature of rhythm. But first and foremost, in the absence of natural light sprouts plantings can languish.

Depending on the performance of the lamp used for growth of various herbs flowers seedlings of certain crops which take food.

Artificial light sources involve in the organization of the lighting system in greenhouses areas where the planned landscaping. In addition, fluorescent lamps are ideal for lighting aquariums , they are used with the aim of growing ornamental plants in commercial and domestic conditions colors.

The main elements of such lamps the bulb acts as a different form that is determined by the kind of light source electrodes of the gaseous filling. When turning on the lighting device between the electrodes mounted inside the bulb arcing. Fluorescent lamp includes in its design the inert gas and mercury vapor. When passing through such a medium the electric current contributes to the ultraviolet radiation.

But for humans, this phenomenon remains invisible. Therefore, in order to convert the UV into visible to the eye light the inner surface of the bulb is coated with phosphor that is to absorb ultraviolet light, and further the emission of visible light. Fluorescent lamps can provide lighting with different spectrum and therefore a different color. Affect this parameter of the light source is possible by changing the composition of the phosphor.

Various forms of execution

So get different types of lamps, General purpose single phosphor layer of a special purpose range of blue and red enhanced glow. The last option involves applying several layers of phosphor on the inner surface of the flask.

Fluorescent lamps special purpose just represent a category which is more suitable for the organization of the lighting system indoor venues where grown seedlings herbs vegetables. But this is not a rule as of today use light sources of a wide range of color temperature from 2700 to 7800 K of warm to cool colors of light.

In searching answer to the question of what lighting is the best suitable for lighting of shelves with plants, you should pay attention on luminescent performance. But first it is necessary to study suitable model according to its characteristics and to assess their degree of compliance with the conditions of the future work.

The main parameters

Given these parameters, you can choose the most suitable option for lighting plants. But keep in mind one more feature ballast type ballast element for the full functioning of the light source. Meet electromagnetic and electronic execution. But it is better to choose the last of these options as it will ensure more reliable operation of the lighting device but is more expensive.

The first thing to note the considerably smaller level of energy consumption compared to incandescent lamps. Luminous performance energy efficiency is second only to led counterparts. Compact energy saving light bulb can save up to 80% energy. In addition, we should highlight the lifespan.

Again, this type of light source for the duration of functioning is in second place on the first led option.

Another plus suitable spectrum of light for growth of green plantings of flowers. If you compare all those incandescent bulbs with fluorescent versions, it appears that the second option is less heat transfer.

But still using powerful light sources, it is better to take care of the cooling system as it is overheating is the most common cause of failure of these bulbs.

The basic parameters on which you should pay attention in the store before buying

In addition you need to consider also the quality of the light source. Not to make a mistake and buy a reliable lamp, it is recommended to buy products known and trusted manufacturers. When the question what brand is better, you can pay attention to the product Philips Osram Sylvania.

These manufacturers produce a special fluorescent bulb for plants. The cost varies depending on the dimensions of power and luminous flux. And the cost of similar models of different brands is about the same level.

For example, a light source which is characterized by a power of 15 W with a length of 438 mm and the luminous flux of 400 LM costs 511 RUB RUB 538 Sylvania and Osram.

Lamps of different types are typically designed for specific varieties of flowers plants and crops. For example, to seed shoots start growing in the increasingly important red emission spectrum for intense plant growth and flowering, blue spectrum. This is why fluorescent lamps are more many analogues suited to these tasks since they are characterized by a suitable color temperature.

SPECT to fotosinteza plants

Main applications of such light sources lighting mother plants, rooted cuttings and young seedlings. But fluorescent lamps are often used for the cultivation of plantations throughout the growth cycle.

Therefore, to understand what type of lighting fixture is the best choice for illumination of plants is necessary to compare their characteristics and to consider features of operation. When selecting fluorescent light sources is necessary first of all to pay attention to the power intensity of the light flux type holder base and product dimensions. It is also advisable to choose a lamp based on the information about who the manufacturer is.

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