Harmful to human health energy-saving lamps

23 december 2016, 00:34

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Energy saving lamps have a number of significant advantages but there are equally powerful disadvantages. In particular, the idea is that this type of light source may cause harm to a living organism. The reasons are there are two the presence of mercury inside these lamps and also the negative influence of ultraviolet radiation.


The main elements of energy-saving light source bulb with gaseous components of the inside electrodes cap built-in control gear. Compact fluorescent lamps are often equipped with electronic BALLAST type. The bulb contains mercury vapor argon neon.

When enabled, the cathode is heated which starts the process of radiation of electrons. Elementary particles contribute to the formation of a plasma from a gas mixture due to ionization.

And the plasma produces UV radiation which is invisible to the human eye until the phosphor begins to absorb UV light. The result is a glow that is the light becomes visible.

The switching circuit of energy saving lamps

The scatter of the values of resistors capacitors due to the fact that during Assembly the various models of elements with different parameters.

Ultraviolet radiation which occurs during operation of the lamp causes damage only under the condition closer contact with the lighting fixture a distance less than 50 cm At a sufficient distance the light is so scattered that does not pose serious risk to human health. But there is a category of people with skin hypersensitivity which includes infants.

In this case, the harm from such lighting will be much more noticeable. Therefore, there are two basic tips to avoid negative impact to install energy-saving lamps under the ceiling, on the walls and quite high at eye level to install light sources in any room except the nursery.

And limit the power level of the lamp is 22 watts. If you ignore the recommendations of energy-saving light sources will represent a much more serious threat to human health in particular skin psoriasis eczema rash.

Another problem associated with use of such lighting devices, the presence of mercury vapor inside the bulb. Moreover, the concentration is significantly higher than in thermometers. By purchasing energy-saving lamps we need to know in advance how the process of their utilization after development and also in the event of damage to the bulb.

If you do not follow the instructions of the released mercury vapor will cause significant harm to a living organism headaches weakness damage to internal organs and even be fatal.

The first thing to leave the room. Someone responsible for cleaning should remain to ventilate the room. The door to the room where the damage occurred, the lamp needs to close. This will avoid the spread of harmful fumes. The next step is the collection of fragments. All the work necessary to produce exclusively in gloves.

Clean up the broken glass bulb is recommended when using sheets of cardboard paper towel napkins. You cannot use a vacuum cleaner as this will only contribute to the spread of the fumes and cause even more damage. Small fragments and powder of the phosphor is necessary to collect by means of adhesive tape. After all the work the materials used and the broken lamp must be placed in a sealed package.

Considering how harmful evaporation of mercury in the room to protect perform the decontamination. At home for this purpose, use a solution of potassium permanganate, baking soda, chlorine compounds or iodine. Additionally, you can play it safe and call the employees of a specialized organization which is engaged in the recycling of energy saving lamps and perform the decontamination.

Mercury-containing light sources is strictly forbidden to throw away with your domestic rubbish as they are extremely harmful to human health if the damage to the bulb. For individuals it is enough to contact the management company and hand over the product for recycling.

Storage at home broken lamps is also prohibited as this requires the use of special containers. Acceptance of broken light sources, the management company is free of charge.

Legal entities may cooperate directly with organizations which are engaged in recycling of mercury-containing lamps. Acceptance of failed light sources is performed after conclusion of the contract. Also in this case for services rendered will have to pay.

So considering how harmful compact fluorescent light bulbs to human health for the waste to be treated more seriously. The fact that today, 40% of the lamps are simply thrown away in the trash that causes irreparable harm to the soil and people.

About the danger you have to remember also before you buy as not all users understand that energy saving lights are not only very efficient but quite harmful when the violation of the bulb.

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