How to choose a lamp for girls and boys

23 december 2016, 00:40

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To organize high-quality and reliable lighting in all rooms of the house is paramount. As the lighting will affect the level of comfort the ability to do any homework to relax and be able to relax completely.

A particularly important role plays lighting in the nursery because children's quality takes the first place. Regardless of room boy or girls should choose such device that can provide the required measure of lighting will be quite reliable and functional.


Nursery in General is no different from any other living room in your home or apartment can be any of the available types of lamps and appliances to illuminate but to select them follows with care and literacy.

The most common lamps that are used in children's rooms are

As you can see the fixtures for children's room can be very diverse and almost the same as for an adult bedroom living room or kitchen space.

Quality is deliberate and correct choice is the main indicator of whether to approach kids table lamps chandeliers sconces etc for comfortable stay of your child in his room. As the vision formed and may react adversely to the decreasing quality of the light should make the selection.

Lamps and other decorative elements of the room for the baby needs to be age appropriate host

What should you pay attention and focus during the purchase

Whether room boy or girls rules remain unchanged and quite high due to the fact that children need a little more saturation lighting than adults. Justified by the fact that they are pretty much sitting at the computer writing homework read the school books play a draw and do other childish activities.

To provide the required illumination level you can use as a Central light chandeliers or a few smaller lamps placed all over the ceiling evenly.

But in the case when there is a large Central lamp auxiliary devices not included in the calculation of the total amount of light. They serve as additional reinforcement and lighting.

The level of ambient light is measured in lumens and is indicated by a digital value. To measure take is definitely a value for the number of lumens per square meter of surface space. For each type of premises, this indicator specifically different for a child's room it ramen two hundred lumens per square meter. This figure may slightly increase in the case where the ceiling height a little higher standard.

In the nursery should ideally be not just one chandelier and a few lights.

If you calculated necessary amount of light and fear that it will not be enough may increase the number to ten-fifteen percent then the light flux is guaranteed to be sufficient.

As chandelier ball is the main lamp in the room and it should provide all the necessary amount of light it should be chosen carefully.

The original ceiling lights

To make it easier to approach the process of selecting the Central lamp you made a small list of the most basic criteria that you need to pay attention

The color design and other external factors you should pay attention only after it matched the main technical characteristics which will directly take away the quality of the lamp.

Wall sconces play an important role in the room boy and girls particularly often they are used near the bed to be able to read books before sleeping or just lying in bed.

Select the lamp's light quality and the reliability of the design so that the child could not get hurt

To pick up wall sconces is necessary so that power was sufficient for comfortable reading in its radius. Not to do such a small lamp the main light source because of the quality of light you get.

As design elements of the proposed devices your thematic subjects and so on.

Picking up this device, you should focus precisely on the quality of light and reliability of a design that the child could not be hurt and easily operated device. Wall sconces can be of various shapes and have a variety of design so in this case you can sacrifice quality and to focus on the design and layout of the room.

Table sconces is very important as children's ceiling lights because a child can really teach lessons to draw play at the table and so on.

The main criteria on which you should pay attention are

Choosing the type of light emitted is better to prefer warm light as it is significantly quieter and softer. Does not create unnecessary burden to the eye and gives a more comfortable to perform different jobs.

But the cool lighting should not otkidach in the direction it is better to use for table lamps since it has a brighter and more intense light.

So the exact answer which of the two types can be better as each of them better suited for each specific case and should be selected according to the requirements.

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