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23 december 2016, 00:44

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Office Desk lamps are a necessary part of the lighting system. The light source in this case provides extra coverage and allows you to adjust the intensity of study on the surface of the desktop.

Long stay in the office if you use only one lamp General light adversely affect vision as you have to work with the paper, in particular with smaller text. For this reason, the ceiling lighting is combined with other varieties.


Table lamps for office uses with the purpose of arrangement of local illumination. Ceiling lights provide the main light is functional. In the study, it is recommended to combine these two types of systems. The main requirement for such a space providing a sufficient level of brightness for comfortable work. But this is a very vague criterion, therefore, established norms of workplace illumination of 300-500 Lux. This is the average values which are determined on the basis of the specifics.

For workplace lighting in the office should consider the basic rules of light given in the table.

Ceiling lighting provides a more intense white light up to 250 Lux while local coverage allows you to receive up to 150 Lux. In addition there is the possibility to regulate the intensity of the light flow.

The very same Desk lamp should be placed so as not to cause discomfort while working. The best position of the lower contour of the shade is at eye level sitting at a Desk employee.

Criteria there are several mounting method material design and shape of the shade and type of the lighting element of the led energy-saving lamps and similar body of the filament including galogenki.

Each of the options has individual characteristics. These differences allow you to organize a local lighting system in accordance with personal preferences.

Table lamp should have a swivel mechanism because otherwise it will be difficult to arrange the lighting system of the workplace to fit your needs.

To be able to change the direction of radiation the two types of systems

Comfortable showed himself to be a lamp on a tripod or a flexible stem which is not to fall firmly fixed to the table top.

The service life of the second of the options last longer as the table lamp is in active operation a few hours daily and the pivot bearing can fail. Another criterion for the design of the canopy. With attention to the form, size and material of the lens.

Preferred is a variant of the light cone form to provide a more intensive dispersion and the light will be uniform. Cylindrical lampshade allows you to direct the light that may cause eye strain.

The size of this element is selected based on the type of light source. For incandescent lamps and galogenok and compact fluorescent energy saving they will fit a lens larger in size to the source of the light was completely hidden. If you choose a lamp with a compact reflector light bulb will play for its contours.

Shade better a pyramid or conical shape. This table lamp provides maximum illumination.

This will lead to discomfort because of too much light usually eye strain. This applies in particular to situations when not involved ceiling lights then amid the darkness of the room a bright glow will lead to fatigue of the organs of vision.

The material used table lamp plastic metal. The first option should be heat resistant since the long-term operation leads to a significant heating of the lens.

But in the end in contact with the heated plastic-no risk of getting lung burn what can be said about metal. This feature is least important when choosing ceiling lights. Another criterion method of attachment.

The model on the clamp to save space on your desktop

It can be clamp clips. Fasteners of this type are used in stationary fixtures which are usually exploited at a particular site. The main plus they don't take up space on the table and fastened from the end.

Lamp without special mounts mobile but it is set directly on the surface of the desktop so it is necessary to allocate space.

Models on the clothespin are good for their mobility they are easy and effortless you can attach to the edge of the countertop

Table lamp can be mounted led energy-saving lighting elements counterparts with the body of the filament, including halogen option. The difference between them is significant

According to this criterion win led and energy saving light bulbs and the first option twice as efficient of the second.

The larger the table the darker the surface the more bright the light bulb will need to install the lamp.

If the expected long-term and regular operation of the lighting device it is recommended to choose these types of light sources.

Analogues of the filament are much smaller than led and compact fluorescent lamps. The cost of the latter is gradually, though not so fast but still falls due to growth of their popularity. So the savings would be substantial.

Halogen light bulbs and similar filament is heated very much. If you use outdoor table lamp touch the light source is impossible.

The ideal option for lighting is the led lamp long life no heat and does not pulsate.

But the led and energy-saving lighting elements can be operated safely.

Table lamps it is recommended to install incandescent and galogenki power of 60 watts. And if you use a less powerful light source the brightness level will be lower. And the installation of the lamp 100 watts will provide a too intense light. The load led and energy efficient light bulbs significantly lower so they are selected on the basis of matching of the luminous flux is equivalent to the parameter of the lamp body of the filament.

Warm white light is most preferred because this range is closest to the spectrum of sunlight.

But today, the table lighting often fix it the bulb with the body of the filament due to their natural colors. If the decision was made to install led or energy-saving counterparts, it is recommended to pay attention to the markings in particular to look for in parameters color rendering index RA and color temperature.

To purchase a table lamp at a price ranging from 400 to 5 500 RUB Example budget lamp Uniel TLI-210 415 RUB.. He has a metal diffuser which completely covers the light source. The lamp is suitable for led and energy saving bulbs. Maximum power 40 W base E14. Reliance on the hinges.

More expensive lighting offered by manufacturers Eglo Odeon. Their products ranges from 1 200 to 5 500 RUB. the range you can choose the model and the hinges Odeon light 23301T and with flexible support for example Eglo 7060.

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Recommended installation height light source 40 cm above the work surface. But in practice, the location of the bulb is determined by several factors of human growth type of the lighting element with a body glow led energy saving lamp power as well as the size and shape of the canopy.

The right lighting at the workplace allows to increase by 40-60% labor productivity in 2 times to reduce fatigue.

The brighter the light source the higher it is placed above the work surface to provide more ambient lighting. However, the maximum level of installation of the ceiling not above eye level.

It is important to design the lighting device was provided for the installation of light bulbs of a certain type led halogen etc.. So you need to pay attention to the type of the cap.

Natural lighting is based on the number of parameters light bulbs color temperature color rendering index power the degree of heat.

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