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23 december 2016, 00:44

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Lamps feature a GU10 base have a specific structure of the extension, the contact elements of the cap. Due to this feature of the light element in this performance is held firmly in the Chuck. Led light bulbs of this type are similar to halogen light sources but have a number of advantages long-term usage of intense light with minimal power consumption. However, the main advantage of the almost complete lack of heating.


Arranged led light sources with GU10 base in a similar manner as other analogs on the base of semiconductor crystals is created to connect to the mains 220V current stabilizer built into the design of the holder a certain number of point light sources. The main feature of this type of lamp is in the specific shape of the bulb –úR16 reflector.

Lighting elements with a GU10 socket created to connect to the network 110-220V, respectively, the mass production of low-voltage light bulbs in this version, doing only a few existing manufacturers. However, if necessary it is possible to make individual order.

Device lamp

In the light sources is also provided a radiator of large area coating that ensures normal operation of the lamp even with a substantial power. Lighting element with a GU10 base are usually equipped with a reflector which helps to ensure a directional light.

The holder pin G distance between the contact elements is 10 mm as evidenced by the designation of a lamp. Plus the letter U indicates additional structural features of the light source.

Lamps with a GU10 base have a thickening at the end of the pins for rotatable connection with a cartridge

The basic functioning principle of p-n junction which allows positively and negatively charged elementary particles to connect and under the power of the current is the movement to a p-n transition. The result of these processes is the emission of visible light energy.

Led lamps feature a GU10 base have a rather narrow scope of application as they cannot be installed in any lamp. Such light sources is used in the organization okalinolomatel lighting system recessed spot lighting.

If you need to get direct accent illumination special lamps and led lamps feature a GU10 base, suitable in the best way. Such light sources usually employ in the lighting spot. Therefore, the main direction of the application of design interior lighting.

The main difference is the shape of the bulb

The first option is more popular. Given that led lamp 220V in this version are to create a directed beam of light of the radical differences in efficiency levels between these groups of lighting elements is not observed.

Cone-shaped form

There are different types of bulbs with GU10 base excellent in design

Cylindrical form

The difference between them lies in the method of arrangement of diodes. If the first of the two cases, the crystals are arranged on the flattened surface of the flask and are not obstructed which makes the glow more intense then the second option involves the presence of additional element frosted diffuser.

Led light sources are equipped with a GU10 base are equipped with planar diodes SMD shapes and sizes such as 3528 SMD. Depending on the size of the point used chip you can get lamps of different power and lighting power a direct relationship between the values of these parameters.

Glass led housing is considered obsolete. It is best to choose new generation LEDs such as SMD LEDs

Main technical characteristics

Another characteristic is the shape of the bulb. On the packaging you can find the designation reflex light sources MR16.

In the first place to pay your attention on the technical parameters of which several luminous flux colour temperatures and colour rendering index are responsible for the quality of the lighting namely brightness level and natural tone of objects that are in the room.

The ability to connect to a power source with a voltage of 220V is usually provided in most of these bulbs. If you plan to replace galogenok with the same GU10 base you need to carefully consider the choice of analogue power.

Experts recommend to buy led lighting elements based 3W power for each square meter. Accordingly, when selecting you need to determine where you will install the light source.

In the classical interiors require a warm yellow light similar to light from incandescent bulbs and modern hi-tech design, more commonly used cold light

If you plan to replace the old galogenok again the emphasis is on power, the value of this parameter should be divided into 6-7. The result is a sufficient amount of the desired load capacity of the lamp.

Another feature which is different from analogues 220V led from halogen bulbs is the size. The fact that the first option is characterized by a greater height so before purchasing and installing the lamp should first determine if there is enough space in the canopy.

It is also important to check how freely the light source in the design of the suspended ceiling or in another selected area.

Was considered by some manufacturers Kreonix X-Flash Lexman. The price of these lamps is in the range of 200-300 RUB With similar parameters 6 W 300 LM in almost all instances when testing manifest themselves well with a small exception Lexman is characterized by increased pulse. However, a more powerful analogue 7 W 500 LM ideally work the ripple factor is 1%.

There are other more famous counterparts, such as Navigator Gauss. These stamps are known thanks to the reliability of the products. Moreover, led light sources 220V in these variations are in the same price category. And the declared parameters remain unchanged during operation. This suggests that when choosing better to give preference to trusted manufacturer.

The quality difference between more expensive and cheap products is what crystals are used.

Also plays a role and e-filling bulb GU10 220V. There are significant shortcomings in the mechanism lead to excess body heat too fast burning of the diodes. Therefore the lifetime of such products will be minimal, sometimes even shorter than that galogenok.

If you consider that the price of diode analogues significantly higher savings will not work because it will have to regularly replace the light source GU10 220V. So it is better to buy a reliable product from a trusted manufacturer.

Products from the company Gauss

These advantages allow to use the light source with this cap on 220V when building furniture or ceiling interior lighting. When choosing you should try to relate the parameters of the lamp and the subtleties of its future operation. This approach will ensure the most effective solutions on the basis of using the given bulbs. Before purchasing you should pay more attention to the power and dimensions of the product.

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