Installation of ceiling of plasterboard backlit own hands

23 december 2016, 00:41

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Plasterboard ceiling with lighting adds personality to the room. Due to the properties of this material an opportunity to arrange a room with the use of interior elements of unusual shapes and configurations, arches, etc.. the installation Process is quite time-consuming but not complicated. Therefore quite possible to make a suspended ceiling with his hands.


There's a certain kind of drywall which is characterized by a thickness of 95 mm. such material are recommended for use in ceiling installation. If you apply the sheet in a greater thickness of wall 125 mm plasterboard it would further load the structure.

Varieties of drywall

In addition there are different types of such material which are characterized by different properties, moisture - and fire-resistant as well as standard version and a combined version moistureproof fireproof.

The essential guides for making

Drywall can be used in the organization to the ceiling in different rooms bathroom living room kitchen on the balcony to offices. Not limited scope. This material allows you to create a pendant and combined ceilings stretch ceiling+drywall in any room where you need to avoid dusting when mixing concrete mixes.

Dealing with the question how to make a ceiling of plasterboard with lighting you should be familiar with all the nuances of such structures. Today it is possible to realize almost any idea into the design with the help of plaster sheets.

Everything you need for installation

Major decisions

In addition used different types of lighting devices for lighting built-in spotlights led light strip. The design of the ceiling can be different play a role.

For example, if you use the combined version of the construction along the perimeter of the room set the frame of any configuration the drywall in the Central part is mounted suspended ceiling lighting will be perceived differently as this solution increases the space.

The markup is the most critical step because the quality and accuracy of the measurements will depend on the final result.

To determine the height of the profiles consists of frame you should use a level to mark the lowest point for which all measure changes in elevation. From this label you need to indent 6-15 cm Is required in order to leave the space for wiring and lighting the led backlight.

Further, on the basis of measurements is a straight line along the entire length of the wall. On the other surfaces are the same manipulations the building level are checked elevation after which their hands draw a horizontal line. Arrangement of sections includes also the layout of the ceiling. This is done in order to determine the location of the fasteners.

Installation instructions one-level ceiling

On the ceiling and the hands hold the line at a distance of 1 250 mm which corresponds to half of the sheet of drywall. The ceiling is also transferred in the form or perimeter of the structure, depending on the variant.

Illumination of this type is represented by a different monochrome options policity. The voltage of such bands may vary 122436 V. bobbins are Usually sold with led tape 5 metres long.

If you need to illuminate a small area of the strip can be cut with your hands this is done strictly in accordance with the special notches.

Such lighting is most often installed in the ceiling drywall construction, this method is called zakarniznaya installation. This option is easiest to do with your hands.

Different varieties of tape diode

Tape found in different versions of a different number of diodes per 1 m length which will depend on the intensity of light 30 60 120 240 EA. m. There are various models of led strip, each of which is characterized by the type of diodes used in the design of the most popular SMD 5050 3528.

When the lighting scheme is composed and the markup done, you can start to work. The frame is made by means of special fasteners suspension dowels crab for cross-connection of profiles.

Guide frame attached to the ceiling by using hangers. These elements could easily be done from the same profile.

Arrangement and installation of lighting

Given that mounted plasterboard ceiling with lighting lower cavity boxes of plasterboard should be less. Accordingly, the profiles of the lower part of the frame will be shorter by 5-6 cm This difference is enough to set the lights in the led strip.

The final step is to install the profile with your own hands which will cover the protruding ends of the frame. If you plan a two-level ceiling of plasterboard with lighting work should start from the bottom of the structure.

Installation of the led backlight can also be done with your own hands it is necessary to secure the ribbon behind the decorative edge of the frame is made of plasterboard. The mounting strip is performed using a special profile.

Connection the led backlight is only through the power supply. In an alcove, there must be a plot to install it. The wire is removed outside the drywall construction and concealed cable channel.

Wiring diagram

Thus, any kind of suspended ceiling with lighting decorate the room of the plaster leaves a combined version of the stretch material+drywall. Ideas for implementation set. It can be single-level or multi-level design just zakarniznaya installing the led strip.

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