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23 december 2016, 00:44

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Ggabaritnye lamps are part of lighting of the car. With the advent of improved light sources when compared with similar incandescent or halogen versions actually get better lighting at minimum load. Just these are led lamps.

But during operation there may be some problems onboard computer of the vehicle detects low voltage light source as failed and alerts you by light indication. Fix a nasty situation if you use a dummy load resistor that provides additional load.


The purpose of these light sources designation of size, subject motion in the dark or in low visibility. In addition, they are used to provide auxiliary lighting.

Marker lamps may be located separately or in the headlamp Assembly on both sides of the car. It is common to use light sources for the headlights with the white glow of the lamps provided light bulbs emitting in the red spectrum.

If you plan to install led lighting elements their design provides a special type of the holder with contacts. The most common variant W5W T10 socket. In these lamps are built of faux a single resistor. The emitters can be located outside the lamp housing but there are models with a lens.

The lack of performance with built-in decoy is a great heat and a large heat generation near the diodes will affect the service life. Another feature of led bulbs is that constant current which prevents the heat to the limit values.

The classification of these lamps is based on the differences in the types of caps which also determines the purpose.

The main varieties of led light sources for vehicles

Pinout car lamps

Purpose led lamps are divided into two main groups

Types of lamps and lamp bases

There are many versions of the xenon halogen bulb with a filament. Many of these variants can be replaced with analogues on the basis of the diodes. Not to be mistaken in choosing you need to consider two parameters, the color temperature of the lamps is their size.

It is known that the diode light sources of a wide range of designs great color temperature. But it is allowed to use only the lighting elements with parameters in the range from 2 700 to 5 000 K.

This is due to the fact that the Parking lights should have a yellow-white light. Therefore, you should avoid the use of lamps with a cool glow color temperature more than 5 000 K. so range of led light sources are allowed to be used was much smaller. Another nuance product dimensions. To replace conventional lamps with a diode should only in case of full conformity of the base to the bulb.

Key features of the lighting elements on the basis of the diodes become pros when installing in a car Faro

The advantages include a lengthy period of operation. However, there is one thing in particular significant heating leads to reducing the service life of the product. By itself, the diode doesn't produce a large amount of heat but when installed in a headlamp Assembly with halogen analog of the main light provided the high heat led lamps. This nuance can be attributed to the disadvantages of their use.

In addition, another well-known advantage of minimum load level also has a negative side when installed in the car. The idea is that the onboard computer may output an error because of insufficient load.

In this case it is justified to install lamp switch. One of the varieties of the W5W model, the designation and characteristics should be stated that designed with the additional load resistor.

Several models of front lights in dimensions from faux

If you compare the diode sources with xenon and halogen analogs of the first of the calculus of variations contain any harmful substances and the second consumes a lot of energy.

Enough information about what model of the led light source recommended for use as a replacement of other lamps. But can't hurt to check main parameters compliance operating conditions dimensions voltage color temperature light quality is bright but not blinding.

Need to consider the possible installation of a light source with a dummy like model W5W with load resistor. There are alternative ways to provide additional load connect a parallel connection of incandescent bulbs to install separate hornblende.

Another important point is the quality of the product. Buying cheap light bulbs should not count on long term usage as in this case, the diodes degrade rapidly. It is recommended to pay attention to the proven, reliable manufacturers. The cost of their products is higher but lifetime is long enough. In addition, often the warranty is 2-3 years.

If you are using standard light source lamp on the basis of diodes W5W problems with the installation and connection will not occur. The design of the light source has a kind of holder so you only need to install it in a special connector. The voltage of these lamps corresponds to the fact that the car provides. Before installing the need to remove protective cover remove headlight lamp head light.

If it is planned to install led strip or spot diodes, the connection is made not directly but using a series-parallel connection. Separate diodes are attached to each other consistently for a few pieces made blocks are connected in parallel. The basis of the whole structure of the PCB. When connecting it is important to observe polarity. In this case, a separate element-dummy or analogue made with their own hands.

Thus led lamps are now widely used as a light source of automotive lighting. It is important that the lighting quality complies with all standards and requirements otherwise the DMV may interpret the discrepancy of the spectrum as a violation of the rules.

The recommended color temperature diode lighting elements is in the range from 2 700 to 5 000 K. So to be safe it is better to choose the model closer to the minimum limit of 3 000-4 000 K. the word is known for reliability of their products, brands Osram and Philips offer this variant tail lights.

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