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23 december 2016, 00:41

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Today technology is very rapidly evolving and the lighting industry is not standing still and is moving in great strides forward. An incredibly wide range of different lamps and light sources enters into confusion all more informed consumers. And the lighting of the working area and does no easy task.

Today we will tell you how to produce illumination of the working area with the help of table lamps to make a choice of the device as efficiently and accordingly to your needs. You will learn some of the details about led lamps and are suitable for use in table lamps.


Table lamps for home come in different shapes colors and may have different functionality. But their main distinctive feature is the way to install it is on this basis and klassificeret them. There are two types of installation table lamp

Each of these types has its own both positive and negative qualities. Pick them according to this criterion should be based on your needs and wishes. An additional feature is the foot type of device it is static and dynamic.

Options for table lamps

Static device is able to illuminate the surface from its standard position, the angle and height of incidence of light it cannot be adjusted.

Using a table lamp on the dynamic leg, you can adjust the height and angle of the light so as it will be convenient for you. The height adjustment is limited by the capabilities most of the legs.

Table lamps can be powered by any source of light such as halogen led fluorescent and incandescent lamps. It depends on the type of cartridge which is used in construction. Most light bulbs has a standard type cap and fit all table lamps. Such as halogen bulbs need a special cartridge for them respectively there are also special table lamps.

Table appliances for the home which can change its height and direction of light can be in the wire leg and the mechanical usually they are fixed with screw clamps. The wire design is usually limited to a small long legs and, accordingly, the adjustment range is quite small.

Lights on the mechanical leg is more functional and can have a much greater ability to change the height placement.

The scheme of the lamp on the clamp

Since the lifting range of the lamp can be more than one metre the unit must be securely fastened. To solve this problem helps us clamp due to the simplicity of its design and high quality of fixing it is a very reliable and popular among all types of fasteners.

Typically a standard table lamp for home equipped with a clamp but is more heavy the devices can have several for a tighter fastening.

Due to the fact that the clamp is fixed on the edge of the table it is very compact and takes up almost no desktop space. In addition, these lamps are easily moved to any table. The clamp is able to capture quite a thick worktop which is very convenient.

The design is very simple it consists of a curved metal arc and screw clamping mechanism. Enough to wear the arc on the edge of the countertop and pressed the screw and then the lamp will be firmly fixed on the edge of your Desk and you'll be able to work with her.

The most advanced and highest quality today are the led bulbs. To understand their positive qualities one should understand their technical characteristics.

We have prepared for you a list of the most important indicators to be aware of when buying led light bulb for your lamp so

If you take into account all the reading on this device then it is safe to say that it must be used in all working conditions. Quality light and high performance will not harm your vision but will also enhance the productivity and the quality of your work.

To make a quality and thoughtful choice should follow the specific instructions which we have developed. If you follow our steps then your selection will be quality and you will be completely satisfied.

What should be followed

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You should install the lamp so that the light which emanates from him does not interfere your work and do not create a shadow. You should also consider the possibility of glare from the intense light. Install the unit in a place that the light rays could not enter you in the eye and qualitatively illuminated the entire work area.

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