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23 december 2016, 00:41

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Profile for led strip not only provides a more secure attachment of the light source but also facilitates the efficient removal of heat from printed circuit Board tape backlight which allows to exploit such devices for much longer. The principle of setting a profile is not very complicated the only limit to their use is the lack of free space for installation.


Led backlight option in the form of tape is one of the most popular solutions for organizing local and decorative lighting of rooms of various purpose buildings facades billboards shop signage.

It is therefore important to install such light sources providing quality heat dissipation. With this purpose, just used aluminum profile for led strip and its plastic counterpart.

Such mounting structures are widely used in organizations highlighting residential areas ceilings walls floors steps niches and so on. Depending on the execution profiles can be installed on the corner parts. And given that the types of materials these elements anodized aluminium polycarbonate are resistant to corrosion they are included in street lighting as part of landscape design.

First of all classification profiles is performed according to the type of material

There are different profiles of different method of installation

Various forms and types

The first of these types is characterized by the angular shape slightly narrows the scope of application of such structures. They are designed for installation in the corner areas and to reduce the intensity of the glow in them it is provided the lens generally it is removable. Using such a item is really to reduce the backlight brightness in the range of 25-40% that is determined by the type of light-emitting diodes of the tape.

Recessed and flush performance well suited for the implementation of design solutions. They can be used to successfully join materials such as chipboard, plasterboard. A distinctive feature of this type of profiles, the presence of protrusions on both sides. And besides, there are two options of installation of such products flush above the surface.

Overhead of the execution of the most sought after due to the method of installation. These elements are mounted on absolutely any surface and it can be done by gluing and fastening with screws. This type of product is often used in plastic tanks the regeneration of the arches and other elements of the interior round shape. There are also different types of profiles for led strips great form square round rectangular trapezoidal cone-shaped.

One of the commonly used fastening element of the brand Leroy Marlen Korea. It can be angular rectangular. These profiles are available in lengths of 2 m are characterized by the simple shapes and bright shades. The cost of a fastener is 1 150 rubles.

The company's products KLUS

Another option interior profile European brand KLUS. Such products have many designs in different shapes and colors overhead recessed corner rounded rectangular. You can pick up light dark color profiles. This diversity allows us to find the most suitable option.

The cost of the models is very different and ranges from 300 to 1 300 RUB what affects the length of the product material configuration color. The manufacturer produces more and plugs for profiles, screens, fasteners, and accessories.

Another European brand LEDs-ON. This design of the fastening elements, respectively, are characterized by unusual shapes. But the price category of such products for the led backlight is completely different. So the minimum cost of a basic profile is just above 2 000 rubles. PCs. the Most interesting models are offered at a price of 8000 rubles. PCs. Additionally, this brand produces plugs accessories.

The company's products ARLIGHT

Another popular manufacturer ARLIGHT ARH. Structurally, these profiles are pretty simple but are characterized by an interesting design. Additionally, the cost of such products is in the range from 300 to 2, 000. so you can easily find a suitable price and form of option. In addition to profiles a wide range of accessories stub holders.

Installation options fasteners under an led light a lot it all depends on the features of the room. You can embed a profile wall to the floor. Thus it is necessary to determine the open area which will not be increased load. Under the ceiling used for several ways of mounting zakarniznaya built-in installation in suspended ceiling lighting.

More flexible execution of polycarbonate installed on all the elements of interior arch. In each case it is necessary to determine in advance a sufficient intensity of illumination as the lens installed on top of the led strip can be transparent and opaque.

Another possibility is the backlight aquarium is indoors it should be to use moisture proof model light sources. They apply to installation of lighting in the pool. On the street can also be mounted profile for led strip. These products involve in the organization of lighting of facades and landscape design.

But that the lighting apparatus functioned without interruption of execution of the selected appropriate level of protection from moisture and dust.

Therefore, the profile for led strip, presented a variety of performances which differ in the type of material method of installation color properties of the lens. Are the most expensive designer products, but it is possible to choose and more simple model because the result is that when the backlight on the basis of the structure visible will not.

Especially if we are talking about a corner or recessed profile. Another recommendation is to leave the PSU is freely available as this device can be damaged so you need to consider the possibility of repair.

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