Mounting profile for led strip with your hands

23 december 2016, 00:41

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Led profile corner of the invoice or the mortise can be used in organizations highlighting with tape at the base of the diodes. This solution provides an efficient alternative to the installation of lighting directly on stenopetalum or other surface.

The main reason why you should use led profile is a high-strength attachment similar design. And in addition to it is quite easy to install with their hands.


The main purpose of these elements of the installation tape at the base of the diodes. It is different types of plastic aluminum involves the organization of the backlight in different areas. It can be a ceiling wall corners of the room. Additionally, by selecting one of the versions it is possible to use it as a wall-mounted light.

The design of some models flush option allows you to embed profiles in different surfaces including in the organization of lighting of steps and another set on the street as a highlight in a landscape design. This is facilitated by material type anodized aluminium which does not corrode. In a word, they can be used as decorative elements as well as protective functions during installation of ribbon-type lamps.

Fasteners for led strips are divided into groups depending on the type of material

By way of attaching these elements are divided into the following types

The distinctive feature which characterizes the polycarbonate option is its ability to take the form of slightly curved surface because the profile is quite flexible. But it is not necessary to install it on surfaces too rounded because polycarbonate item though and flexible but cannot withstand high stress fracture.

Various kinds of aluminum models

Profiles for led strips are also categorized according to structural features and form

Performance with the lens differ in the type material of this element is transparent matte. Depending on the selected option, you can provide more or less noticeable reduction in the intensity of the glow tape. In addition aluminium or polycarbonate profile diffuser is presented in various versions which differ with form of this element is flat, rounded triangular rectangular.

Polycarbonate form

Fastening element made of plastic for led strip exists in different versions, matte and white. And in addition to have the ability to choose the color. This is the main advantage of these profiles compared to the aluminum counterpart.

Besides buying different types of performances round square metal or polycarbonate, there is still the opportunity to make fasteners for led strips with your hands. A similar construction can be made of plastic of iron. The process itself is quite time consuming but the cost of the product will be lower.

To install the tape with your hands you want to choose the power supply according to the load level. This is done guided have a total length of products and a capacity of 1 m of strip. To the obtained value is added 25% of this stock. The length of the tape and the profile with a lens is determined by measuring the surface area where available lighting.

Regardless of what type of fastener used aluminum plastic slip round the corner on one side of the edge with his hands is a small kerf to output lead wires of the tape.

Installation of the profile is carried out through the use of screws with countersunk cap so that the fastener does not interfere with the gasket strips. The size of the screws is determined by the thickness of the material on which you are installing the aluminum profile.

Connection diagram tape

Next, the surface of the element is cleaned and degreased that will ensure a quality installation tapes. These steps are repeated in the same sequence if mounted in a corner or patch profile. Flush design can be mounted without fasteners but it is determined by the configuration of the surface and type of material.

Mounted aluminium profile with your own hands is always tidy, even in the organization of the backlight stages to the appearance of such fixtures do not cause discomfort due to negligent design. When aluminum profile, regardless of the selected cut-in or patch version you want to install its edges should be cleaned of burrs. In addition, these areas shall be closed with plugs that will provide additional protection tapes.

The stages of my build

It is desirable to place the entire structure flush cap profile so that later it was easy to get to the built-in ribbons. Otherwise, serious difficulties arise when attempting replacement of lighting devices of this type with their hands.

Installation flush to the floor design should be implemented in areas not subject to high loads.

Thus , the installation of led strips is more preferable option in comparison with different types of tube lamps. To secure your hands slip or the corner profile for fastening tape lighting is easy enough.

The most important stage throughout the work to connect wires according to polarities. The only negative which different profiles for stair illumination of ceilings and other surfaces, is rather high price. But it is possible to reduce the cost and share the item with their hands.

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