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Lamps for suspended ceilings presented a variety of performances is excellent in design parameters, the method of fixing and type of light source. Such a variety of models of different brands in particular ecola state allows you to realize individual lighting system project in the premises of various configurations.

It is possible to simultaneously use the principal instruments of the chandelier recessed spot execution. It is important to choose the lighting elements in accordance with certain requirements applicable to the lamps that will be installed on an overhead structure with stretched canvas.


First ceiling lighting divided into groups in accordance with different installation methods

The last option of these exists in different versions

Also, recessed lights are divided into types according to differences in functionality fixed swivel. All of these options are presented in the assortment of the brand Ecola.

Turning the lighting fixtures allow you to change the direction of glow which is very convenient indeed, over time, may want to change the lighting scheme.

There are different variants of light sources for lamps

The most effective and safe can rightfully be called the last two groups of products that due to the minimal level of energy consumption when high-intensity radiation. Under the brand Ecola are available both led and energy saving lighting built-in type.

The range of models of such lamps is very wide making it easier to choose. Another advantage of the considered light sources lies in a compact size zapotocny parts which saves space in the room.

Regardless of what type of lamps for suspended ceiling led fluorescent and selected. they must comply with the requirements to lighting devices which are mounted on an overhead structure with stretched canvas

There are separate recommendations for embedded devices. Preferred models are round in shape as the corners of a square lamps under certain conditions can warp stretched canvas.

The most important characteristics power lamp color temperature cap type and properties of the diffuser of the lamp dimensions and mounting method. If you choose a chandelier, the market offers models of two design options for installation on a ceiling hook or a special bar.

Recessed downlights brand Ecola or another manufacturer are usually mounted by means of special clamps.

When considering led ecola state or execution. we should also consider the ability of the heat sink. This will prolong the service life of the light source and direct the stretched canvas. Not less important are brand.

When you select diode lighting devices should know that the quality of the crystals is a key factor in determining the life of the product.

Ecola products manufactured in licensed factory which is a good basis for selection.

For rooms of various purpose and there are certain levels of illumination living room 20 Wtcv. m bedroom 12 Wtcv. m to 18 Wtcv. m in the nursery and office. It is provided that the ceiling height is 3 m otherwise the value is multiplied by 15.

The General illumination of the premises of a certain size is calculated by multiplying the area of the room and table values of the brightness. From here you can determine the number of lamps dividing the value by a power of one lamp.

Given that the load diode lamps or embedded device Ecola is much less than the tabular values should be guided by other values. For example, the norm for living room illumination led lamp 3 Wtcw. M.

Regardless of what types of recessed lights you plan to install should be positioned so that the room was fully lit and had no dark corners. Devices brand Ecola can also be installed in accordance with the standard schema if the configuration space allows

These are just some of the possible options.

Both versions are available under the brand ecola state. For comparison, it is proposed to draw a parallel between the main parameters of the two devices the types. Power chandeliers or lamps Ecola both options are in a better position but if you compare led and fluorescent performance between them will be the first group of devices consumes 2-3 times less power 3-5 watts.

The intensity of the radiation will be at the same level. A key factor in the choice of lighting Ecola or another brand is lifespan and led light sources, this parameter is 30,000 hours which is 2-3 longer than in the case of energy-saving lamps.

Therefore, before you purchase the chandeliers or recessed lighting fixtures Ecola need to take into account the main parameters of the device. Making a comparison between the most popular variants of diode and compact fluorescent the first group of products named according to some characteristics is more attractive.

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