Review of models of lamps for sauna and steam room

23 december 2016, 00:41

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Lighting fixtures for saunas are selected according to several key parameters. In this room is strictly forbidden to install a typical unprotected lighting devices due to security requirements. In the design phase of the lighting system of the steam room should take into account the following features type light source voltage level setting method and device control the intensity of the glow.


The operating conditions of lighting equipment in the steam room quite tight high temperature high humidity the risk of dripping water. None of the standard lamp without proper protection will not sustain the load. Therefore, use heat-resistant performance of the devices as they are designed for temperatures from 100 degrees and above.

In order to improve the level of safety in the steam room used lamps are protected from moisture. For this reason, it is recommended to set performance with a small input voltage 1224 V.

The recommended power level of 60 W bulb. But today the lighting in the bath and sauna is often organized with the ability to connect to a dedicated power source of 220 V.

One of the most popular manufacturers Harvia. The products of this brand meets the basic requirements for lighting devices for steam tightness and resistance to high temperatures. The range includes different models with a body made of metal and wood steel lamp design with a plastic diffuser Harvia SA S21060.

Model Harvia SA S21060

The difference between these options is cost. Device with a metal body will cost 5 500 RUB. IP44 moisture-proof. Model Harvia steel lamp can work under the influence of multidirectional spray. This performance is designed to connect the lamp holder type-E14. The recommended wattage of the light source 40 watts. Model Harvia SA S21060 offered at a price of 1 000 rubles Characteristics of this embodiment is similar to lamp 40 W base E14.

Lamp Lindner

No less popular manufacturer Lindner Germany. Many users choose lighting German quality. Such lamps for the pair differ in the resistance they are protected from moisture and splash proof IP54 but are not moisture proof so as to this level of protection should be higher IP6768.

The model of a lighting device of the brand Lindner is connected to the power source is 220 V but the manufacturer stipulates the possibility of installation using a step-down transformer voltage 1224 V.

The recommended lamp power 60 W designed with a E27 cap. The shade is made of frosted tempered glass the case is ceramic. Allowable temperature effects on lamp Lindner is 125 degrees. And is this model just 1, 000.

Of the existing types of light sources smaller than the other led models are suitable because they are characterized by intense directional light output. Commonly used models of lamps with an Edison base for light bulbs and fiber optic lighting. Led performance is better to install in other rooms of the baths saunas relaxation rooms bathrooms etc but not in the steam room.

Model НПБ400

There is a more affordable variant of the lighting device brand TDM Electric lamp НПБ400 for the sauna. Its price is 760 RUB. Degree of protection IP54 recommended power level of 60 watts cap type E27. Designed with a matte shade of white.

The form and characteristics of this option are similar to the device Lindner but the cost is slightly different, the difference is 300 RUB..

The degree of protection these lamps benefit from unparalleled brand Harvia but this manufacturer is based not only on quality but also on the attractive design.

There are certain rules of the organization of the lighting system in the premises with strict conditions of high temperature and humidity water sprays

There are universal models that include the ability to work from the mains through step-down transformer such as lamps mark Lindner.

Thus in a system of lighting in the steam room it is important to use only secure devices are thermo - and moisture-resistant. Ideal space for such lamps with heat-resistant glass heat-resistant plafond and the power cord. One of the most popular options products Lindner Harvia TDM Electric. The cost of lighting these brands varies from 760 to 5 500 RUB.

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