Rules of arrangement of the led backlight for kitchen

23 december 2016, 00:44

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Withvladyana lighting for the kitchen features a number of significant advantages. For example it is quite easy to install so you can install it with your own hands means lower additional costs for the services of the mater. In addition, this type of lighting presented many versions and additionally light emitting diodes more and consume little energy.


The main goal of any light source to provide a sufficient level of visibility on the site. The working area of the kitchen is a space where it is especially important to arrange the right lighting effective and easy to manage.

One of the ways to do this is to place lighting underneath the cabinets. This solution allows to hide the bulb from prying eyes, and leaves the light sources within reach to control the brightness as required touch lamps brand Era.

The basic rules of placement of lighting fixtures under Cabinet

In fact, the organization led backlight, it is not as difficult as it may seem but all of these characteristics of lighting systems are tips on the preparation stage of the project prior to installation.

For the kitchen working area lamps typically use a different method of attachment

The first option is harder to do with their hands as in this case, it is necessary to pre-drill the holes and think about where to hide the wiring. Overhead light sources are mounted is easier because simply placed on the furniture, touch the execution of the brand Era.

Overhead led lighting for the kitchen

Another feature of this technique is quite bright directional light is therefore uniform illumination will have to use a few lights.

By design features distinguish

One of the most convenient options is a lighting device which is activated by touch. This simplifies operation because it does not need to leave the working area in search of the switch. This group includes the lamp brand Era made in the form of a linear device of a rectangular shape of small width.

In addition, there is another popular led light strip. Its main advantage is to create a uniform illumination which is made possible by installing light-emitting diodes with a certain step of the entire band. These lighting fixtures easy to install with their hands because simply stick them on the Cabinet surface.

But this method of installation eliminates the possibility of organizing the cooling system and in addition to the tape unstuck over time, so it is advisable to install it on the aluminum profile.

Following performance of the tape devices

Any of the options can be placed under the cabinets directly above the counter. The difference between them lies not only in color but also in the principle of installation. So for multi-color ribbons in addition to the power supply need to purchase another controller.

To do with their hands, the lighting in the kitchen under the force of almost anyone. For example, installing lighting Era the set includes fastening clips duct tape. Led strips are mounted almost the same but with some nuances.

Before starting the installation is calculated yardage LED-strip in accordance with the size of his Cabinet bottoms. These lighting fixtures are sold in coils of 5 m. the Connection is subject to the availability of the power supply which is always located between the selected power supply and led tape.

Installation to work with their hands did not resulted in resulted in additional expenses you should calculate the level of power load strips the whole length of which must match the value of the power supply unit.

One such element connects one or more tapes, the number of segments is determined by their length and, again, the value of the load. Installing multiple tapes should only be carried out in parallel in any case not consistently.

For the connection of the segments of strips is used in connectors. An alternative way of conventional soldering. If you plan to stick the strip the Cabinet surface is degreased to a lighting device held up better.

Wiring diagram for led strip

The power supply can be hidden from prying eyes by setting it in a locker. To isolate the sections of the contacts of the used duct tape or clear sealant. As you can see, this method is no more difficult than installing a lamp Era.

To prolong the service life of the led strip is recommended to use aluminium profile which ensures heat removal from the lighting device. Such elements are often equipped with lenses with lenses. To be able to adjust the intensity of light while installing led tape dimmer controller.

ERA Modular LED system

In the touch lamp brand Era has three lighting modes so there is no need to use a dimmer. If the Cabinet bottom is made completely flat it is possible to set the cut-in profiles for fixing led strip.

From this side of the question lighting touch-type from the manufacturer Era set look more attractive since they are characterized by a small thickness so will be almost invisible under Cabinet and therefore do not have to cut the Cabinet.

Thus led light source marks the Era of tape devices is the most popular solution for the organization of lighting of the working area cuisine. Such lamps are energy efficient are not too many serve longer than incandescent bulbs and halogen versions. Another advantage of the use of such devices is the ability to do the installation with your own hands.

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