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Led lamp h7 used in the automobile industry. They are installed instead of halogen and xenon counterparts. The light sources based on diode in any performance H3 H7 etc. are characterized by high intensity radiation at a minimum level of electricity consumption. So they are popular.


Light bulb socket H7 represent a group of the flange of the lighting elements. Usually they involve in the organization of the beam is much less frequently used as the source beam. In General, however, these bulbs are designed for installation in chetyrehdverny system dipped and main beam.

Design features diode lamp socket H7

Instead of the filament in diode lighting elements, socket H3 H7 and other versions used light-emitting diodes. The dimensions of these lamps match exactly with the body of the filament, therefore, conversion of headlights is not required in case of replacement. Halogen bulbs require a reflector to create a directed beam. Led lighting elements operate on a different principle as the transducers of this type provide directional light.

Therefore, in the design of diode light bulbs, there are several crystals arranged in such a way to provide some direction of light. In various bulb H3 H7 etc. focusing is implemented differently.

Design led bulbs H7 provides wire driver active cooling system radiator with fan o-ring which is installed between the light source and the heat sink and the lamp itself on the basis of the diodes. Due to the fact that the cooling system is an independent site and is attached by screwing creates an additional obstacle to the flow of heat. To enhance the contact between the lamp and the radiator you can use thermal paste.

Key benefits

The principle of operation of lighting elements on the basis of diodes with holder h3 h7 and other performances based on the passage of electric current through a semiconductor material. As a result, some of the electrons knocked out of the total flow area p-n junction one of the plates and colliding with the particles of the second plate promotes the formation of so-called holes. Chaotic collisions of electrons lead to the appearance of the light energy due to lamp any type h7 h3, etc. begins to glow.

The main parameters of automotive light sources of different models including h1 h3 h7 etc.

Depending on the type of lighting element can be presented and other characteristics. There are only three groups of the lamp socket h7 halogen xenon led. The first version of these has several significant advantages the low cost of the correct emission spectrum.

But the main disadvantage of such models, a substantial heating. Xenon lights are more vibration-resistant as it does not contain filament provide a blinding white-blue light. But their price is relatively high and in addition require the installation of ignition.

Compare popular types of diodes

If we consider the led bulb in any performance h3 h7 then the parameter specifies the amount of emitter. For example, diodes a new series MT-G2 CREE brand is characterized by a diameter of 8 mm. based On this information, you can perform a test of led lamps h7 to determine their quality.

Today are often Chinese fakes diode light sources with a worse performance than branded products. Most often in such situations, the discrepancy can be identified exactly according to specifications. Chinese lamps are stronger and brighter diodes in them larger in diameter in comparison with the CREE crystals.

The advantages of such transducers is much more than all existing analogues

The best solution is the operation of the lamp holder H7 which were installed in a specially designed optics of the car. But it is feasible only in later models of vehicles. Often these lamps are used instead of the analogues of a different type galogenki xenon. This often leads to difficulty focusing. Also we offer led products razvaryatsya h3 H7 etc. at a fairly high cost.

If you compare them with the analogs of the halogen performance is a lot cheaper but are characterized by considerable heating which further reduces the already short lifespan. In these bulbs use a spiral filament which means they are highly susceptible to vibration and shock.

Xenon does not contain the body of the filament which makes them more resistant to external factors. But for normal work required to install ignition. This confirms that for many parameters the diode light sources h3 h7 etc. are superior to other types of lamps.

First and foremost, you should examine the characteristics of the product

To provide sufficient brightness level of 1 000-2 000 lumens when selecting high-quality diodes brand CREE emitter power must be pretty big at least 12 watts. Therefore, the design includes a radiator to effectively remove heat from the diodes. The temperature of the glow can vary from 4 000 to 6 000 K.

Most offer led lamps of different types h3 h7 etc. does not always provide illumination of the desired quality which is especially surprising since the product was selected based on its parameters. The fact that only a few manufacturers to ensure full compliance with the stated and actual capabilities of lighting products. Among them CREE, Osram, Philips, Narva.

On lighting indicators best option Philips Luxeon MZ LED

The cost of such products varies from 500 rubles up to 8 000 RUB. depending on the parameters of the product. Accordingly, more efficient models are more expensive. But the life of lamps h7 h3 and other performances will be longer when compared with cheap alternatives. Such light sources are characterized by reliability and high quality crystals.

Testing different versions of led bulbs have shown that a number of parameters are the leaders of the CREE and Philips products from different lines. On lighting indicators best option lamp Philips Luxeon MZ. Their price is pretty high but they provide very bright light along with the xenon with a warm tint. And during installation there are no problems with focusing. But in such lamps has a fairly large heatsink.

Lamp with diodes CREE XM-L2 also provides a bright light similar to the level of the seats offered at a reasonable price well focused. But there are also disadvantages, in particular the cold color of light emission even in the standard version of the bulb. In both of the considered options is provided by only a few diodes 2-3 PCs..

Among the best are the light sources based on crystal CREE MT-G2 MKR. The popularity they deserve because of the excellent ratio quality-price. The disadvantage is the light output in the lower diffuser. In lamps with diodes CREE MKR having trouble focusing due to the vertical arrangement of emitters.

Before buying you need to consider a number of parameters to correlate the possibility of lamp working conditions. Take into account the dimensions of the lamp bulb h3 h7 etc. power luminous flux input voltage color temperature. We must not forget that today, one model can be presented in different versions with mounts of various types.

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