Selection criteria embedded led lights

23 december 2016, 00:40

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Led lighting built-in type are used very often. Before the main lighting was organized with the help of ceiling svetilnikami. And today it is customary to use various schemes of the Central lighting device along with the local lighting no chandelier instead which uses led recessed light sources of different lighting fixtures outdoor table etc..


Lighting appliances based on light-emitting diodes are today popular due to a considerable number of advantages extremely low level of power consumption, ease of use and easy installation for a very long period of operation an average of 50 000 hours but under ideal conditions, the diodes will last up to 100 000 hours.

One of the varieties of recessed lighting. Separately this group of devices is characterized by the ability to hide the body in small size high efficiency in the organization of the backlight.

The scope of such devices is very wide private housing restaurants bars cafes shops showcase the offices, halls, hotels and many other objects of different purpose. By using light sources of this type organized the lighting system as the basic and local type.

Recessed lights at the base of the diodes are mounted on the walls the ceiling the floor the furniture the decor in one word, the application field is almost unlimited it is important to use performance appropriate level of protection.

First, the division into groups is based on differences in hull shapes and light

In both cases, the designs are characterized by modest dimensions. But there are also larger devices such as square lamp is made in the form panel. This option is usually activated when organizing the main lighting mounted in the ceiling. The level of popularity wins round recessed luminaire.

Classification is also based on differences in design

In the first case, there is an opportunity to change the direction of illumination. To this end, the housing is provided a turning mechanism. If the planned installation fixed versions need to more accurately calculate their location to be able to cover all the important areas of the room.

In addition, there are various ways to install

Lighting with different shape of the housing is designed for installation in different conditions. For example, square performance it is better to install in suspended ceilings made of drywall and round lamp is an excellent choice for designs with the PVC fabric.

You first need to determine the type of lamp. This is done on the basis of the lighting scheme which was based on the following parameters, configuration and dimensions of the object the materials used. Led lighting products for indoor installation shall be equipped with a diffuser ensuring uniform illumination.

Luminous flux of lamps desired level allows to create favorable conditions innerbody. For example, for offices the recommended level of illumination not less than 2 300 LM. Regardless of round or square lamp is chosen in the Datasheet you can find out the value of the luminous flux output. The last parameter is determined by the number used in the device of light-emitting diodes. On the basis of power matching power supply which is connected through led lighting technology.

Another important criterion is mounting. Embedded execution point type often are installed using special clamps. And ceiling panels are simply inserted into the suspension design.

In addition to the parameters it is necessary to consider also the quality of radiators because this will depend on the duration of their service. The most famous manufacturers of led light sources Osram Cree Nichia Philips. Recessed lights high quality presented by the brand Navigator.

To organize the most efficient lighting system is necessary to determine sufficient to place a number of lamps


Recessed luminaires are mounted in a surface subject to certain rules

Regardless of round or square design was selected lamps built-in type can be installed around the perimeter of the ceiling or a picture in one or two rows are preferably staggered to provide more uniform illumination.

Therefore, by using, as a backlight swivel or fixed lighting devices based on diodes, you can solve several problems at once decorate the room to increase the efficiency of the lighting system to provide the convenience of light control.

Usually it is recommended to connect all lights to one power supply thereby providing increased reliability of the system but this option involves the use of large power element which is not always convenient.

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