Selection criteria led bulbs for chandelier

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Led light bulb with a screw base E14 or E27 pin type G13 GU10 GU5.3 greatly simplifies the life as you can use them to get away from analogs and halogen incandescent lamps. Besides low energy consumption and high emission intensity make the light sources based on diode even more popular.


Led light bulbs have a standard base E14 E27 GU10 and several other types of options but design the bulb can be multiple version with diffuser or without. The second group of products is characterized in that the diodes are not obstructed and are arranged in a different order that is determined by the shape of the lamp.

Device bulbs with led filaments

Most common cylindrical design. Light sources lens also presents various options the main difference in this case lies in the configuration of the radiator element collecting the heat and shape of the lens in a flattened pear-shaped candle, etc..

Design classic models

In addition to these elements, the design provides direct emitters of the light emitting diodes in a different number base G13 E14 GU10 and so on.

The standard design of the holder allows to use instead of halogen light sources yet and led counterparts, meaning that they have identical fastening elements. Feature of LEDs is the need for current regulation. This function is performed by a built-in driver.

To obtain information about the possibilities that the light source can easily just pay attention to the packaging. There are most characteristics.

Labeling forms

The main ones

Other options include the configuration of the radiator dimming dimming. The material of the bottom basement of the polycarbonate.

All the above features led lamps are the key under consideration models. Thanks to such parameters as the power of the light output and color temperature, you can determine the quality of light whether the light is sufficient to illuminate a room will be whether this solution is economical and it is comfortable to be under the lighting at the base of the diodes.

Classification of bases

In addition to the main characteristics when selecting bulbs to be installed in a chandelier it is necessary to pay attention to the base product threaded E14 E27 GU10 pin or G13, etc. which will allow you to determine the suitability of the light source for a specific lamp.

If you change the chandelier is not planned but I want to organize a more efficient lighting you can Unscrew the bulb from the socket and consult to the shop which option will suit. Replacement must be justified and made on the basis of such data as base E14 E27 and so on. the shape of the bulb and its size otherwise the lamp will not fit the horn chandeliers. Price and brand of the product also plays a role.

To obtain a light source with a long service life it is recommended to choose the models tested brands Philips Osram Gauss Navigator ASD and some others.

Reliable manufacturers use only the highest quality crystals. But the price of such products will be average or slightly above average.

Replacement of halogen light sources, diode counterparts should be made taking into account the peculiarities of the instrument itself. For example, if you choose led bulbs for chandelier with opal diffuser then on the play of light when you turn should not count.

For this type of lighting device is suitable for light sources with a transparent diffuser. But will have to put up with the increased brightness of the light. In the rest of the led bulbs are selected according to the characteristics of the base power luminous flux and others.

The lack of a light source with a clear bulb is that the insides are visible. And it can ruin even a very attractive design of chandeliers. You can pick up a lamp from the range of products of Gauss.

For example, in one of the lines are the models with fully transparent diffuser without inserts made of polycarbonate at the bottom. This will increase the intensity of the radiation. Seen inside a neat and very compact emitters. The design also provides attractive radiator of small size. Additionally, the shape of the bulb may be different succouring round rings. However, the price is as attractive light sources high.

Important parameters of lamps based on diodes color temperature power luminous flux base E14 E27 GU10 etc. the angle of dispersion. Unlike other counterparts design features of led light bulbs is very important and it is the configuration of the radiator its size and dimensions polycaronate the Foundation of the basement of the properties of the lens.

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