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Professional lighting in the field is required in order to ensure a sufficient level of visibility at greater distances. It could save someone's life in search of work or in other circumstances. Therefore, the lighting equipment which is characterized by high luminous efficiency and excellent strength characteristics.


Rechargeable portable lanterns can have many functions which not only allows to solve main tasks on the coverage of the territory but also maneuver them for example to signal SOS, and more. Such light sources have a robust housing, which ensures protection against damage of different severity. Professional portable led lamp can be reliably protected from moisture, dust, vibrations and even explosions.

Apply these lighting fixtures in different areas. They will employ the security Agency fire-rescue police special forces. Such lamps are used in the production.

Professional light sources are characterized by high brightness of the light flux which is particularly important in search operations expeditions. In addition the lighting devices of this class efficient on hunting fishing while diving.

There are several groups of lamps professional type each of which is intended for use in a specific area under different conditions

Different types of diode lights and accessories

Lighting the battery can be characterized by a different color of light warm yellow light color temperature ranges from 2 500 to 3, 500K cool light with a hint of blue 6 000К.

Consider these features when choosing a device as the second option distorts the color. In addition there are rechargeable flashlights are excellent for the type of reflector with parabolic and deep elliptical reflecting element.

The surface of the reflector may also be different smooth and textured. Each option has its own characteristics. For example, a light source with smooth reflector produces a bright light spot which is quite clearly defined. Teksturirovanija surface of the reflecting element allows to obtain more uniform light. The edge of the light spot in this case is strong but not so accurate.

The main difference between professional and household lights is the light output capacity of the battery dimensions.

The choice of this device as a professional portable led flashlight should be treated no less seriously than purchasing any analogue range of lighting products.

Overview of technical characteristics to a greater or lesser extent affect the efficiency of the light source

In addition to the main technical characteristics affecting the choice are there additional criteria the degree of importance which is also great

Rechargeable flashlights feature a significant advantage they are able to work for a very long time 100-200 hours without the need of overcharging the device.

But there is also a disadvantage, for example in any of even the most severe conditions it is necessary to provide possibility of connection of the lamp to a selected power source.

A reliable technique can be determined by the type and brand of LEDs included in the design of the lighting device. Among the best are the Navigator lights Fenix Petzl Lightforce. The cost of professional light sources varies greatly and pricing is influenced by the parameters and functions of the device.

Model Lightforce Predator 6X

For example, the model Lightforce Predator 6X offered at a price of 12 500 rubles. the user will be protected from dust and moisture, a source of light which can be controlled remotely.

This lamp is easily mounted on the rifle covers a distance of 150m, the intensity of the light flux 335лм. The design provided for 2 battery and the casing is made of anodized aluminum.

Professional portable led flashlight Fenix TK35 with the Cree MT-G2 costs less 11, 000. but is characterized by increased functionality. The duration of work is 150 hours without interruptions degree of protection devices allows you to use it near water IPX-8. Lighting range 242м a lifespan of 50 000 hours. The light source can operate in 4 modes. The body is made of anodized aluminum. The job requires 2 batteries.

There is also a more expensive lighting devices such as Petzl Ultra Rush 29 000 RUB.. Degree of protection IP67 four modes of operation. The light output 760лм the range of 140m. This manufacturer offers affordable lighting equipment 6 000 RUB..

Model Petzl Ultra Rush

But usually in such models as the feeding element uses batteries. The value of the products of this brand can reach 35 000 RUB flashlights in this price range is well protected from external factors. But the main difference battery high-capacity 5 200mah rechargeable. For the light output of expensive models do not surpass available analogues 760лм.

Thus for extreme harsh and difficult conditions should use professional lighting equipment. Devices of this group are characterized by high reliability, resistant to moisture, dust, vibrations and mechanical damage.

But the cost of such equipment is very high from 6 000 to 35 000 rubles. to navigate the selection must pay attention to the light output of the lighting range of the capacity of the battery type used LEDs additional functions and protect the battery from overcharging and deep discharge.

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