Selection of led lanterns for street lighting

23 december 2016, 00:48

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At night in every household employs led lights for street lighting of private homes. They have different shape and can be fixed in different ways but their main task is the security of your site and building. To use light as protection need reasoned and balanced because not every lamp will be able to protect you.

Statistics says that no matter how bright was the light source to prevent the trouble can be only correctly aligned led lights for street lighting roads and private homes. A light source is relevant for many reasons. For example, at the time of inclusion in the network of the lighting system not there is a jump of electricity when using the gas lamps. This avoids short circuits in the network and hence the constant need to replace equipment.


But street lighting is used not only in the private sector. On the roads and highways led lights help cars keep their distance as well as signal other drivers about your presence on the road. Proper lighting reduces the risk of unwanted situations such as a robbery when it comes to houses and road accidents when we speak about roads.

Additionally, this lighting is used in public gardens and parks near public facilities in tunnels on the railway platforms and also on private land. In all cases the lights can be decorative elements and even landscape design.

Advantages of led lights

The advantages of led lanterns for street lighting

Led lights were created as an alternative to gas lamps. That is why they have the same dimensions, shape and clamping units. Being a more modern technology led lamps are replacements for the older models. Their bright light can efficiently illuminate outdoor spaces so that they are now the most popular source of light in the street.

Based on the objectives and specificity of the object of street lighting devices are selected individually. So if we are talking about the lighting of urban roads and gas stations it is better to give preference to the console lamps. They have a wide curve of luminous intensity that allows you to output uniform illumination.

Industrial purpose use led bulbs without the optical system, this allows you to reduce costs. When we are talking about a private house or in the yard near the apartment building lighting power D-type will be the most viable option. The power of the light in these places is chosen individually, depending on the object.

The main parameters for street lighting

Of course the selection of lighting is best left to professionals but lanterns street lighting pole led including can be acquired independently. It is only necessary to know the output to buy and be able to compare them.

You will need this information

Proper consideration of these data will help to choose the right model of light and type of fixture. For example, the optimal height of the support for illuminating the area around the house is 6 8 metres. Lamp with a capacity of 40 to 80 watts will be enough.

Regardless of what the object is planned to cover you have a number of inevitable events

Go through all these steps independently, by long calculations and selection of specific literature. Another way to enjoy the organization of street lighting professionals. They are already familiar with government regulations and technology of equipment installation.

Types of led street lamps

If you have decided to install led street lighting do read the following guidelines

We can see that the led street lighting has several advantages it is economical does not harm the environment does not require special weather conditions. The main drawback of such light sources is the high cost at the initial stage of the organization of street lighting.

Different sources of lighting

But in the conditions of constant decrease in the cost of led equipment, its installation will pay for itself in 5 years. Given that the minimum lifetime of the led lamp 11 years with the condition - enable the installation of such lighting has significant advantages compared to other sources.

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