Step-by-step instruction of manufacturing of chandeliers of threads

23 december 2016, 00:44

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Options of lighting, there are many crystal glass tree wall hanging, etc., to make a lamp-house to do this, select the desired master class from a great variety not to miss out on design details. The ball can have a different diameter and hue. Tone should be adjusted to the interior.


Distinguish between lighting devices of this type in the form

Also it is possible to make the lamp providing direct and diffused light. The first option is a wide opening on the lower side of the device. The second option is a ball with one small hole under the mount on top. You can also affect the intensity of illumination. The quality of light in the room will depend on how many threads were used the more of them the less bright will be the light.

The ball of thread can be installed in any room but on the condition that such design of the lamp fits into the interior in style and color.

For example, crystal chandeliers are ideal for a classic design. Most often, the ball of yarn set in the kitchen. But if living room interior in modern style, this lamp is quite suitable.

If desired, you can hang some balls. Also, this chandelier will look good in the bedroom as it emits a soft diffused light.

The master class starts with the selection of components and materials. You first need to determine what shape will be produced lamp globe shade cylinder. For the lampshade you will need a frame with more complex than just connected by two rings of different diameters. The presence of additional ribs will create the correct form of a truncated cone.

Necessary for the manufacture of Thread bead glue.

Other tools materials

All of these tools and materials nearly always at hand for most people so the cost of the lamp will be small. This is one of its advantages.

For example, crystal chandeliers are the most expensive lighting but it is not universal and can be installed only in certain areas and do not always fit the interior.

Master class involves the performance of work in stages. There is an opportunity to make their own lamp based on the experience of others set out in a simple and accessible form.

Step by step guide to perform a lamp of yarn

Step by step instructions

As you can see the process is really simple. It remains only to fasten the finished product on the ceiling.

Any lighting fixture crystal chandeliers wall-mounted or floor-table of execution contains a cartridge where the bulb is screwed. Lamp is powered by the cable. In this case, you need to come up with a mount for the cartridge.

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If the first option adds a chic room the second is original creates a cosy atmosphere thanks to the many gaps through which light passes and is reflected on the walls of the furniture of the interior.

To translate this idea into reality you can rely on a master class. Then the manufacturing process becomes simple and intuitive even for those users who do not have much experience in creating hand-made crafts. The cost of construction will be minimal and the effect is beyond praise.

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