The main criteria for the choice of powerful led lights

23 december 2016, 00:42

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Powerful led flashlight is different from household performance manual type is much higher luminescence intensity. This feature allows you to use such light sources for different purposes for example if you want to ensure visibility for hundreds of meters at search works.


Rechargeable lighting device on the basis of the diode even at high power is quite cost-effective solution when compared with halogen and other counterparts. This is due to small energy consumption. High intensity lighting is achieved through the use of light emitting diodes of a certain type and quantity.

Uses powerful rechargeable flashlight is markedly lower than domestic execution. This is mainly due to the fact that such performance consume more energy than handheld devices and they are known for their large size. In addition to the wide possibility of such light sources directly affect the cost it is quite high.

Portable powerful torch used for lighting large areas such as prospecting and police military fire protection service. Hence their other name tactical light source as in this application it is crucial to implement specific capabilities such as special modes of operation.

Purpose this technique is divided into the following groups police combined variant of the lighting device and batons fire search. All of these options are characterized by high capacity in tough conditions to ensure a high degree of intensity. But first and foremost, portable battery lantern is categorized by design features

The first option has a rather bulky design because made battery. Large size and great weight often hamper the process of transporting such a device. But rechargeable spotlight is characterized by high intensity of radiation a few thousand lumens.

Features tactical flashlight

In comparison with this embodiment, it is better to choose a flashlight as it is noticeably more comfortable due to the compact size. Though its size does not compare to the performance characteristics of the pocket. Today, a model which produce a bright beam of light than spotlights. Such performance can be equipped with a lens which allows you to adjust the illumination area.

Professional light sources of different types are highly directional devices. So before you choose one of the options you have to determine a number of tasks which will be solved with the help of this lamp. Each model is characterized by individual work time of continuous operation of a number of hours without an outage that primarily affects the battery capacity.

A tactical flashlight should be equipped with light-emitting diodes of high quality so you must pay attention to the type used in the construction of light sources. The lack of such information on the packaging usually says that the lamp has a low efficiency.

Before choosing one of the models should know what kind of light output it is characterized by. The unit of measurement of this parameter is lumens.

Attention is drawn to the peculiarities of the formation of the light beam from the lantern. There is the possibility to choose between versions with a lens or glass. The material of the shell should be impact resistance.

If necessary, selected explosion-proof or moisture-resistant performance. A tactical flashlight should be even and resistance to a number of external factors fall shock vibration dust pollution. It is necessary to work in difficult field conditions.

Model v Predator.2.5 Gold

Plays a key role and brand of the device. Verified manufacturers producing products on the basis of quality diodes which intensity is 20-30% higher than the cheaper counterparts. One of the reliable options for tactical flashlight v Predator.2.5 Gold brand ArmyTek. Its price is 5 000 RUB.

This gives you the opportunity to cover the distance is 200 m. the Luminous flux corresponds to the value of 670 lumens and operating time at max 2 hours This device has 4 modes of operation is impact resistance and moisture resistance.

Another option tactical flashlight TANK007PT11B. The price of 4 300 rubles. while it shines at a distance of 250 m, however, is lower in light output of 360 lumens. There are several modes including SOS and battery capacity of 2600 mAh. The market offers more expensive and performance.

Model TANK007PT 11B

For example, there is an opportunity to choose the model Fenix TK75 brand which price 15 500 RUB Features 2 luminous flux 900 lumen 4 mode duration of operation at maximum load 75 min. covered distance of 690 m. the Device has a resistance and moisture resistance.

Therefore, if you choose the most functional option would have to pay dearly for this pleasure. But the result is worth it since this technique operates over a dozen years without needing maintenance or replacement of lamps and is characterized by a very broad range which is particularly important in the field.

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