The main lighting in the hallway

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The lighting in the corridor is most often used to ensure sufficient level of visibility all day as this area of the housing usually has no Windows. This means the necessity of the lighting system which will be as close for the emission spectrum to natural light.


The first thing a visitor sees entering the house or apartment is cordobesa. It is therefore important to think carefully about how to emphasize strengths and mitigate weaknesses this room. To implement the most efficient lighting system is recommended to use simultaneously different types of ceiling lights wall and others. A chandelier does not need to have large dimensions because the corridor is small in area.

It is desirable to use zoning of the space that will allow us to more intensely illuminate only certain areas of the room such as a mirror, a hanger at the entrance and so on. You should not use a very powerful lamp as the lighting in the hallway should be slightly muted.

It is better when all the rooms of the housing correspond to each other in style. But doing lighting we should not forget about the convenience of its operation, the switches shall be located literally at hand, you can use lamps with Autonomous control is equipped with various sensors.

Functional lighting divided into the following groups

General lighting and illumination

The latter group may be the same point light sources on the base tape of the diodes. But the difference between functional and decorative lighting is lighting efficiency the brightness level of the lamp and also the emission color of the devices. To emphasize the interior element or piece of furniture using multi-colored light sources of low power.

Levels of illumination

The main lights in the hallway in the apartment can be implemented in two ways by installing a Central lighting device relatively compact chandelier or utilizing only local illumination outdoor or wall spotlights.

The last of these solutions involves the use of bulbs rather large capacity in order to ensure an adequate level of brightness of the lighting of the corridor which does not have a ceiling light source.

Rules of lighting in cratere

In addition to the mentioned options, there are lamps with the option of manual or Autonomous control. In the first case, refers to devices such as dimmers and dimmer switches that automatically vklyuchayuschaya is implemented through a single control system smart home.

These opportunities have lamps with motion sensors light. They are usually installed in certain areas but do not use as a base of the lighting system.

For the intended purpose there are the following execution

Wall-mounted can be represented by a variant of sconces or overhead spot lighting. This group is used when the illumination of the middle line of the room at eye level. With the same purpose in the corridor can be used a table lamp set on the dresser table or other furniture.

Group of lighting the bottom line lighting includes recessed spotlights outdoor performance lamp and led strip.

Each of these species presented different performances. For example, point lights are turning and unturning. The first of these variants is equipped with swivel design built into the main body whereby it is possible to control the direction of the light at its sole discretion.

Chandelier and ceiling spotlights suspended type perform the same function they are used in organizations and the main lighting mounted on the ceiling. But between them there are differences chandelier has a higher efficiency due to the use in the construction of several light sources and a ceiling lighting point type are characterized by rather long supply cord which is almost always visible and so decorated.

Tape-based diodes are also different options of designs. First the distinction is made by color multicolor monochromatic radiation. In addition there are versions with different number of emitters 30 60 120 240 pieces per 1 m of strip. The tape may have more and different types of diodes. Popular SMD 5050 SMD 3528.

The most important selection criteria

Choosing the type of lamp it is recommended to pay attention to design with frosted shades that provide soft pleasing to the eye lighting.

Select the fixture is also made on the basis of cost and quality. If there is a possibility we can immediately draw attention to costly design implementation. But in this case it is important to consider the style of the hallway and lamp. So such a purchase is not always justified in some situations, it is advisable to set a more conservative model.

The market offers a variety of designs at different prices from more and less known producers. Products of popular brands IDLamp Italy Art Lamp Italy Germany Globo Brilliant Austria is characterised by the quality which confirms the long-term guarantee. But for the lamps will have to pay a fairly high price.

More affordable lamps also presented numerous options of designs but their design often loses expensive analogues as used in the manufacture of simple materials. And in addition the level of quality of equipment Assembly service life is not always high. Especially not to save if in the organization of lighting you will use tape or other led light source.

With the help of some of the subtleties in the placement of lighting can affect the visual perception of the hallway

Chandelier and other light sources ceiling wall lights should match the color performance of the light common interior corridor. If it is permissible to use eye-catching elements of the other styles in the corridor striking differences in the color scheme will not benefit the interior.

Some of the most interesting and therefore popular today options decorative lighting

Water bodies with colored lights not only effectively decorate the room but also calm when you look at them. It is possible to combine the waterfalls and vegetation. But implementation of this will require quite a lot of space.

Bubble panel new models are characterized by the ability to control airflow inside the structure. And the led tape can decorate any design whether it's architectural or ceiling aquarium.

Therefore, when the arrangement of corridor lighting is first necessary to consider features of this room the ceiling height of the total area of the length.

Based on this, determines the most appropriate diagram highlighting the presence or absence of a Central lighting unit zone lighting led tape on the raised parts of the ceiling walls.

To get the lighting system of long-term functioning, you must choose the lamps and reliable manufacturers. This is especially important when the planned installation of led devices as in this case, the high quality of the crystals directly affects the period of operation of the light source.

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