The options selection of led bulb w5w

23 december 2016, 00:43

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Led bulb W5W represent a separate group of lighting devices which are designed for installation in the car interior lights and so on. This compact light sources which are characterized by very high radiation intensity and are not too complex design. Their application field is quite wide however it is possible to highlight main application of tuning different vehicles.


These bulbs are used in different nodes auto - motorcycles. Their main task is the modernization of the existing lighting system increase its functionality and thus efficiency. Sources W5W can be installed in the cabin trunk are used to highlight number plates side panels.

But most of them involve in the organization of the overall illumination of the vehicle at the rear and swivel the headlights.

W5W light bulbs have another name wedge base due to design features. So unlike the usual modifications of the led light source with standard holder reporting performance equipped with a plastic push-pull connector type T10.

Depending on the execution configuration of the light source can change the number of diodes their location. There are models with circular and longitudinal installation of the emitters.

Various forms of socket w5w

The principle of operation of any led bulb is based on the conversion of electric energy into the equivalent of light. Implemented this process by means of passing current through a semiconductor p-n junction.

In low-power lighting elements, typically use a resistor which performs the function of the limiter but does not contribute to stabilization of operation.

In reality, as well as a schematic lighting element holder W5W T10 as follows

The quality of work is of such light sources is directly dependent on their devices. Longer all are available with a current regulator which is provided by a more stable operation of the lamp excluding the increased temperature.

Led lamp holder T10 differ on several key parameters

The set of specifications defines the level of efficiency of the lamp and therefore will affect the cost of the product. The most simple execution are available at the most affordable prices.

For example the model of the bulb holder W5W T10 is equipped with only one diode of a small capacity can cost some tens rubles whereas most of the functional performance offered is many times more expensive.

The advantages of the light bulbs type T10 W5W a lot

The downsides of such lighting elements are much smaller. The most significant of them

As you can see led bulb T10 is gradually gaining market share despite relatively high cost.

The main task of the owner of the vehicle to determine the node where you want to install the light source. On this basis in accordance with execution because light bulbs W5W a wide range of designs. Next, we determine the desired intensity of light at that affect the purpose of the light source.

This parameter also depends on the power of diode type and quantity. Then the selected model with the appropriate shade of illumination.

Mount the bulbs W5W T10 is always the same. We should not forget about the brand of the product as this may depend on the duration of the operation. Due to this situation the degradation of the crystal and hence the intensity of the light flux after a certain period of time will be lower.

So when choosing an led source of light to simultaneously take into account a number of parameters almost all the major indicated by the manufacturer. Not all light bulbs of this type are offered at a high price. However, you should not pay attention to the cheapest execution as in this case, there is a risk to buy low-quality crystals. The best known and most trusted manufacturers are Osram, Philips.

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