The organization of aquarium lighting on their own

23 december 2016, 00:41

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The aquarium is a very delicate and balanced system that should work as a coordinated watch. Due to this balancing the life of the fish is calm and they can normally exist and develop. Suitable conditions it is necessary to provide on the basis of certain rules and norms which have long been bred and proven by experts.

Suitable and comfortable conditions for the inhabitants of the aquarium are provided with different filters lighting food sources of vitamins and oxygen generators, and of course the right lighting. It is about aquarium lighting today, we will talk.


The most popular and most commonly used light sources which are used for all varieties and types of lighting are

The characteristics of the different types of light sources

These light sources can be used and for the purpose of illumination of the aquarium but each of these lamps has its own advantages and disadvantages which should be required to know in order to make the right choice and quality.

Aquarium lighting with incandescent lamps is one of the most affordable methods to create the backlight with your own hands. Due to the incredibly low price availability in stores easy installation they are a great option. But since they have many disadvantages which more than evade other varieties, such devices have not gained popularity.

So what are the disadvantages of this light bulb

Presented with a variety of has quite a high demand today. They emit a fairly uniform quality and bright light. Almost do not overheat and have a high energy-saving performance.

The characteristics of fluorescent light sources

Lifespan of such devices is quite high and is approximately five to ten thousand hours. It is certainly a good indicator which you get a very high quality device which is able to work for long time. Besides the cost of such lamps is quite low and is affordable for buyers.

One of the main disadvantages is the inability to throw a light bulb in a common dumpster. As the space inside filled with mercury vapor, this device must be disposed of in specialized units where a disposal you will require a certain amount of money.

Power fluorescent lamps used in aquariums with a maximum height of 50 cm

Also, due to the specific forms very often, these devices require a special lamp that also brings some inconvenience.

Undoubtedly led lamp for aquarium lighting are leaders and occupy the first place among all similar devices. Possess identical form in incandescent lamps that allows to use them with any types and varieties of lamps and system lighting. To arrange aquarium lighting with his own hands using led lights will not be easy even for a person completely not familiar with electricity.

Most of the fish is light and needing the light of not less than plants, they are sensitive to the lack of lighting.

The presented devices have the following features

Best visual effect the light gives to the aquarium from the front and above the front wall.

Are on par with incandescent bulbs as their performance are not much different. The service life of such devices are not more than five thousand hours emit is quite bright but unstable glow. The ripple factor is very high.

Operating temperature and also that of incandescent lamps is very high and is over three hundred degrees Celsius. Practically does not possess energy saving performance so to save to use it will not work.

Installation requires a special lamp switch on your hands will not be easy.

So the light will not blind and the fish was able to hide in various buildings aquarium lamp must be placed at the top middle or on the sides there are used two devices. In such circumstances, the aquarium lighting will be built in the best way and its residents will be able to feel as comfortable as possible.

Organizing aquarium lighting with his own hands in any case not set the light on the sides or under the aquarium then it will be uncomfortable. A great way of highlighting is contour lighting led ribbon is ideal for these conditions.

So how do you do everything with your hands, this issue is particularly important and it should be definitely explored. All rules depend on the size of the aquarium and types of fish and plants that will live there.

Table power loss of illumination in the aquarium

What you should pay attention

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