The pros and cons of led lighting in the apartment

23 december 2016, 00:43

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Led lighting is gaining more and more popularity. In systems with this type of light source lies a light-emitting diode. The cost of the lighting device is higher than that of most peers.

But if the next set of two types of led lamps and compact fluorescent energy saving the price is about the same. In addition it is possible to make the calculation of the number of lights guided by a normalized amount of light per square meter and to perform the installation.


Led lighting stands out from other counterparts owing to the large amount of positive qualities, one of them a wide range of applications. Such lighting systems are suitable for use in the apartment house objects other use industrial public street.

To make a choice in favor of one of the types of diode light sources strip lamp spot emitters must first assess the properties of each in relation to the operating conditions and to study dignity.

The main advantages

Compare led light with various light sources

Cons are always without them it is difficult to imagine the technique. In the context of lighting elements can be distinguished not so many disadvantages relatively high price, the need for cooling.

For example tape is mounted on a special profile and design of the lamps includes a heat sink. There are other disadvantages in particular directed light. For basic lighting we need to use a number of light sources installed at a certain distance below the illumination was uniform.

For this calculation to determine how many lights will provide the normal level of light in the room. And need to rely on a sufficient intensity of radiation per meter square table value.

Previously, this type of lamps are not always treated well due to the quality of the emitted light cool or neutral white. Today, thanks to technological progress created a diverse model with a color temperature from minimum to maximum values.

Accordingly, the tape or spot is the radiator installed in any room bedroom children's bathroom Cabinet in the kitchen hallway.

This means that led lighting with their hands it is easy to organize in any part of the housing. But this should be done on the basis of certain rules. Given that the ribbon and lamps emit directional light, it is quite possible to use the separation of space into zones ceiling location, the allocation of small sections of the mirror in the hallway bathroom kitchen work area near the countertops, etc..

Colored tape and lights are applied as decorative lighting of the room. The intensity of their radiation is typically small. Additionally, if correctly to calculate the luminous flux per meter square can be organize and functional the main lighting ceiling installation.

The quality of light in the room is partly determined by how elaborate is the project of the lighting system. Therefore, in situations when organized in led lighting with their hands, it is recommended to calculate the number of lighting devices or the length of the ribbon based on a table amount of light by 1 meter square.

There are rules of lighting rooms of different purpose for living 450 LK Cabinet audience educational institutions-300 Lux for hall bedroom 100 Lux 200 Lux for office space in the range from 380 to 490 Lux.

These data allow us to calculate for areas with a certain ceiling height 25-3 m. the Number of light sources is determined by multiplying the area of the premises sq. meter by the value of the normalized light LK. Further, the calculation involves dividing the value by the rate of the luminous flux of the bulb lumens which is specified by the manufacturer.

To determine the effectiveness of the illumination strips need to multiply the luminous flux of 1 meter of length to its total length.

However, in this case, it is assumed the calculation of the decorative illumination and so to follow the above rules anymore. Knowing the normalized luminance value of 1 square meter of floor area to determine the desired number of lamps for rooms of any purpose.

Table intensity of illumination and its calculation

Thus led lighting products are now used quite often in the organization of the lighting of houses apartments area of the street, etc.

A large number of advantages speak in favor of this type of light sources. Many stopped by the high cost but if you look to the future, led lighting will pay for itself pretty quickly. However, this applies only to cases when the device is used regularly and for long periods. Before installation you need to make a calculation of the number of fixtures for the premises that is performed on the basis of the normalized value of the illumination on 1 square meter area.

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