The pros and cons of two-lamp fluorescent lamp

23 december 2016, 00:43

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Fluorescent lamps have become a worthy replacement for outdated incandescent bulbs, they are much more compact and more economical. The efficiency of them is at a high level. The quality of light emitted is much higher and therefore the strain on the eyes using such lamps becomes much smaller.


The application of luminescent devices has gained wide demand, such devices are used in home offices, technical areas, industries and other facilities. Due to the wide range and large range of opportunities they are suitable for most operating conditions.

Thanks to the wide range and varieties with colored emission ceiling lights are a godsend for designers. Designers with their help embody the diverse ideas and create unique colors, the play of light and other effects that make a unique design. The ability to combine the combination of colors opens a lot of ways to design solutions.

Let us examine the glad benefits

Have luminescente lighting is one feature a variety of shades of light. Each one has its most suitable application.

Despite the large number of advantages of fluorescent lamps of course have some disadvantages. Let's analyze them in detail

What should I know buy two-lamp fluorescent fixtures 2х36 2х58 or 2x18
To correctly select dvuhskatnye lamps should be carefully approach this issue.

Fluorescent lamp should not be used in automatic circuit breakers equipped with motion sensors frequent switching on and off will shorten the life

They differ base capacity dimensions protection level. Two-lamp fluorescent lamp can be power 2х36 2х58 and 2x18 actually the same value indicated in the marking. Let's look at what these figures represent.

For example 2х58 means that it is 2 lamps 58 Wat. To provide the required illumination level you need to choose which type you need 2х36 2х58 or the other.

Also the power will depend on the color temperature for example for devices 2х36 this temperature is in the range of 3500K which is white. More powerful devices such as 2х58 can emit brighter light close to daylight.

Two-lamp fixtures with working bulbs g13 it means that it is possible to install only the cap g13 should take this into account when buying. Though socle g13 is pretty easy to find but still the device with such a connection method is not particularly popular.

Marking lamp

You should pick up two fluorescent lamps with socket g13 based on the characteristics of the premises. In dependence on the level of humidity and dust is necessary to choose adequate degree of protection.

In its composition, such devices are mercury vapor which of course is harmful. For their disposal, contact a specialist company who ask money for it. Large companies often save and gathered a large number of such devices just quietly throw them away. This is very bad for the environment and the health of those who may be nearby.

If you have spent your time the lamp is either already accumulated a few of these it is better to look at the special instance and do not take the money. So you will save others and yourself from the harmful effects. Each bulb contains the socle g13 about five milligrams of mercury which is very dangerous even death.

Fluorescent lamps have a pretty good performance and certainly come out on top in comparison with older incandescent bulbs. They have a number of advantages which are able to satisfy many of your needs but the lack of important disadvantages.

The following table lists typical defects and methods of their elimination

Do not forget that these ceiling lamps have the toxic substances, namely mercury which makes it impossible to dispose of with common household waste. It is necessary to bring used instruments in a special service where they'll take you for a fee.

It is better to pay certain amount of money and your conscience will be clean. So you will not hurt yourself your family and all others. Health is not worth the paltry sum you need to pay for disposal.

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