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Energy saving led fluorescent light sources have many positive properties. For this reason, both options are widely used. Under certain conditions it is better to use diode lighting element in another case applied fluorescent counterparts. To determine which of these types of lamps are best purchased for use in a particular situation, you should examine the settings of each and do a comparison.


One of the key parameters of the capacity. This characteristic determines the level of efficiency of the lamp. So led light sources consume several times less energy than all the existing analogues including luminescent performance. At the same luminous flux energy-saving lighting elements are equally intense.

For example, when the power level with a difference in 3 times for the diode 5 W for compact fluorescent analogues 15 W luminous flux of 450 LM in both cases. But the light output efficiency lmwt will have higher led light sources due to the low level of energy consumption.

Compare different types of

Both options under consideration lamps operate at high ambient temperatures of 60-70 degrees. But the life of the led significantly longer than counterparts from 30 000-50 000 hours. In addition, this kind of lamp is completely safe as it contains no harmful substances.

Here lies the major difference between fluorescent and other kinds of lighting elements in the composition of the gaseous filling of the bulb includes mercury vapor. This means the need for special disposal in case of damage or after a period of work.

Another feature of the fluorescent species the delay time. Diode counterparts work immediately besides this kind of light source is characterized by complete absence of flicker.

Drawing a comparison should be made more and the heating level of the lamp. So the diode performance are heated much less than other types of lighting elements. The advantages of these lamps need to include the increased strength and resistance to vibration.

When you want regular and long-term operation of lighting fixtures should reflect on that instead of fluorescent lamps use a diode counterparts. To replace one light source to another can be different ways of which costs less but means more.

It should be noted that the wiring diagram is markedly different in each case.

So led lamps operate at reduced voltage and therefore must be a power supply or driver. The scheme of fluorescent analogues of other work you need to install BALLASTS electronic electromagnetic.

Stages of work when you change the design of fluorescent lamp which provides linear lights

You as a replacement use a ready-made linear light sources based on diode. This is a new design lamps in which the driver is already included and therefore do not need to install the power supply.

Additionally, such light sources equipped with the same base and fluorescent lamps linear type G13.

If you remodel lighting fixture installing led emitters that will allow you to save up to 50% of electricity. This is due to the fact that the diode light sources are characterized by a markedly lower level of power consumption than fluorescent.

Therefore, the deletion of a line of hid lamps will make the savings more tangible. Of course if you do a comparison of the cost of the diode counterparts will cost more. However, given the low level of power consumption these bulbs will pay for itself relatively quickly.

Thus when choosing between different types of energy saving light sources in different conditions may prefer a certain kind of lamp. Performance-based diodes on many parameters surpasses analogs discharge one of their key shortcomings of high cost. But compact fluorescent light bulbs at a price closer to the diode.

If desired, you can own hands to replace the gas-lighting elements in a light fixture installing in their place a diode ribbon. As the wiring diagram for these lamps is different it will require a power supply which will provide the desired voltage level 122436В.

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