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23 december 2016, 00:43

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Spotlights came into fashion long ago and till today their popularity has continued to grow. This is due to the fact that this type of lighting is compact in design and the ability to almost completely hide the ceiling. The great demand for the spotlights was the reason for a significant expansion of the range of models. And now you can buy the lighting device under absolutely any requirements.


Such light sources are used in different areas. They can often be found as the main and secondary lighting on a civilian target destination shopping halls restaurants cafes bars office spaces. Additionally, the point light sources are widely used in the organization of the lighting systems of private housing flats.

The main functions, interior lighting local lighting in particular zonal division of space. These lamps often employ as decorative light sources. Mostly they are installed on a wall surface or inserted into the ceiling. In recent times, such lighting devices are often installed directly into the furniture.

First and foremost, the spotlights are divided into various types in accordance with structural differences that affect the method of installation

There are other versions of such devices such as rotary and fixed built-in models. The first of these types is characterized by the ability to change the direction of the light beam by the rotary design.

Both successfully mounted not only in ceilings but also in walls floors furniture and any interior elements of a niche or arch. In addition to the just discussed designs, the market offers several varieties of such lighting devices of a different type of light source

The first of the above options is more bulky due to the relatively large size of the lamp. If you set this option lamp ceiling will be much lower.

Halogen models of devices are characterized by high heat generation and also the efficiency decreases under the influence of the accumulated body fat which is not recommended to install spotlights of this type in the kitchen.

One of the best options are performance-based diodes with a host of benefits. In addition to the major differences, there are also models with different type and shape of a lens of a different way of managing.

Ceiling light sources of this type are allocated from a number of existing models and superior efficiency reliability and quality of work of other lamps. The main advantages

Savings and calculation of electricity

There are other advantages of such light sources. But these factors are enough to choose recessed led devices.

First, it is recommended to determine the number of tasks for which purchased lighting fixture. On the basis of this is performed with the method of attachment of the dimensions of the light intensity. Also taken into account, the quality of light, for example indoor it is better to use lights with a warm glow.

Point devices can be installed along with the dimmer for this purpose there are special models. In addition now offers the fixtures managed remotely. And if the room humidity level is always high tub pool it is necessary to choose a waterproof model. Attention is drawn to the area which can cover a ceiling light fixture.

Type of light source the recommended level of voltage in the power mains 220 V or 12 V as well as the dimensions of the mortise hole all these parameters are taken into account when choosing. An equally important criterion is the price and the quality of the device. One of the popular manufacturers Philips but the cost of production at this level will be higher. To buy the same point in a devices any other brand at a price of 300 RUB or more.

If you want to receive ambient light, you should set the instrument at a certain distance from each other on the basis of those characteristics, the illumination area of the same performance and capacity.

A variety of accommodation fixtures

To calculate same a sufficient quantity of lamps can be based on the following parameters

The recommended power level instruments on 1-m the area of 20 watts. This applies to all other types of light sources halogen fluorescent in addition to led versions. The brightness level of such models is determined by the luminous flux because their power is extremely small.

Therefore ceiling recessed lighting and other varieties can be used on any object and perform different functions. Calculate the number of fixtures is based on the average value of the normal lighting level of the room this takes into account the size of the premises and the presence in the circuit of the lighting system other sources of light.

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