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23 december 2016, 00:39

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Christmas decorations are now represented in more wide range than in earlier times. The same goes for garlands on the tree. To replace the conventional tube versions came counterparts on the basis of light-emitting diodes. This energy-efficient light sources which are available in different variants excellent among themselves in the form of light bulbs, the configuration of the lights and the colors.


Christmas tree ornaments today are not only used for its intended purpose but as decorative elements of the interior. It is the illumination which often are led lights. If classic design is made in the form of a thread still uses for Christmas tree ornaments that many other models are increasingly used in the interior and not just during the holidays.

Led light garland fringe of Rosa and some other options are mounted on pieces of furniture and design elements fireplaces artificial and real niches of the column and cabinets. Most of these performances are intended for installation not only at home but also outside.

The scope of them is much wider, the interior design of any facilities restaurants shops offices private housing landscape of the facades. Separately should be said about the performance of the rope with which you can make a glowing shape and install at home or on the street.

Led lights are widely used due to a considerable number of advantages

The disadvantages often include high cost of such light sources but when you consider the low power consumption you can count on a relatively quick payback of 2-3 years.

As well as Christmas garlands operated irregularly and for only a certain period of time in a year almost always on new year's holidays you can count on a very long service life. Accordingly, this decoration will pay dividends.

First Christmas tree and other Christmas garlands are divided into groups according to the type of material which is isolated wire

High strength and resistance to external factors high temperature are characterized by rubber and silicone performance. For interior decoration are more suitable for products with wire insulated PVC pipe. If desired, any of the options can be hung on the tree at home but the difference lies in the cost.

Led lights are found in single-color and multicolor performance. Moreover, any of the options you can set on the tree. White light emitting diodes will create an interesting effect because it is accustomed to observe the colored lights.

Classified such devices and even design features

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The main criteria on which you should pay attention before buying the hue of the diodes and the dimensions of the garland. If selected Christmas lighting thread only considers wire length and performance of the network or the curtain need to pay attention to the height of the lights.

Initially, the color of light diodes may be monochromatic, but not modify this parameter. But most models are produced in a multicolor design. Then the Christmas tree lighting will be controlled by the controller.

It is also impossible to forget about the connectivity. It is necessary to choose a garland with a suitable length of the power cable. On the local area, you should install the waterproof execution IP 44 and above.

Shape of the shades is their sizes and the number of modes cable color secondary options which are also recommended to pay attention when chosen Christmas tree garland. The quality of this technique plays an important role.

To get the backlight long life should buy products of trusted manufacturers.

Almost all manufacturers claim that their led light sources will last 100 000 hours that is to the maximum possible term for such lamps. But in reality not everyone is ready to use high quality crystals that will primarily affect the service life.

As a result, light emitting diodes very quickly begin to degrade the natural process of mutenia which the intensity of fluorescence was markedly reduced. Therefore, it is advisable to splurge and buy the more expensive counterpart but proven brand because this Christmas tree lighting will last much longer than the cheapest option.

Thus the Christmas tree lights today are still used. And with the advent of different types of designs of Christmas ornaments fringe network and so it became possible to install lighting on all surfaces of the furniture and interior elements.

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