What kind of light bulbs to choose led or energy saving

23 december 2016, 00:39

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Lighting system the majority of the objects are arranged so that as light sources make use of energy-saving lamps. Therefore, at the time gained popularity compact fluorescent performance and later appeared on the market devices new technology led light sources. And now the question arose which of these better options already familiar to all users of energy-saving or lamps based on light emitting diodes


In the premises which uses fluorescent light to ensure normal working conditions in private housing and on all civilian facilities in any of the cases, it is important to use energy efficient lighting which will reduce energy costs. In former times the main light source was incandescent bulbs.

To call them energy saving does not by same time their work is very short-an average of 1,000 hours. Additionally, you cannot forget about the large amount of heat loss is spent almost half of energy used and this lowers the efficiency of the lighting device.

That is why, when there is a energy-saving fluorescent lamps they quickly managed to occupy a strong position of a leader. Today it is one of the most popular options. Light sources of this type are used for lighting houses offices of civil and industrial objects.

Not so long ago there was an led light which equally can be used in rooms of any purpose and in addition they apply to the organization of street lighting due to the ability of operation at low temperatures which distinguishes them from compact fluorescent versions.

Lamp based on light emitting diodes consist of such elements housing cap driver, and directly the light emitting diode. The basis for the functioning of the processes occurring in the led p-n junction of a semiconductor material.

Due to the properties of the used semiconductor is the recombination of the charge carriers that are electrons and holes which contributes to the transition to another energy level. The result of these processes is the separation of elementary particles of electromagnetic radiation of light range of photons.

As you can see the led bulbs are completely safe to use while compact fluorescent light sources they are saving contain mercury vapor, even in small concentrations.

In addition, the gas mixture contains argon neon. When you turn heats the cathode which leads to the emission of electrons. The latter contribute to the formation of plasma due to ionization of the gas mixture. The result is energy-saving lamps produce ultraviolet light for a visible glow of the phosphor which is used, they cover the walls of the cylinder.

When deciding which lamp of all the existing economical need to study the features of each option to compare options and to pay attention to their compliance with the terms of use. Because in one case better can show their energy-saving performance in the other led.

If we consider luminous sources of light that they allow to save up to 80% energy and power reduction does not affect the quality of lighting. In addition, such lamps are characterized by a long service life of 5 000-12 000 hours.

On these two parameters led light sources are superior luminescent performance due to a long period of operation of 30 000-100 000 hours and a lower level of energy consumption since the diodes have minimal power. From this point of view the lamp on led is better analogues.

According to the degree of light output which determines the quality of the work of the lighting device and the intensity of heat transfer, both options are approximately at the same level and the led and energy-saving performance practically does not give off heat during operation and operated very effectively.

The advantage of compact fluorescent lamps is that they emit a soft pleasant light whereas lamp-based diodes are characterized by a range of unpleasant glow.

Also led the execution issued directed beam of light when using uniform illumination it is necessary to use more lighting. From this side of the question better luminous performance.

When the question what kind of lamp it is better to use you need to determine the area of their installation. The vast majority of cases, users use the led lighting at the organization of street lighting systems mainly due to the unpleasant light spectrum. The intensity of the luminescence efficiency and the cost of both options are in the same situation. Additionally, some users prefer to use a completely harmless and fluorescent lamps contain mercury vapor.

Therefore, to decide for themselves what kind of lamp better you need to decide on priorities to choose any safe source of lighting or more important to provide a comfortable perception of light. Therefore, each of the options can be better under certain conditions.

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