What lighting is best for stretch ceiling

23 december 2016, 00:40

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Stretch ceilings are becoming increasingly common and popular. Making repairs in the apartment is the most simple, economical and better way to level a floor is to install suspended ceilings.

But they need special lighting system so as not to attach the chandelier the old-fashioned way of just screwing to the base. And modern designs require the selection of modern methods of lighting that make an apartment comfortable and suitable for any needs.


Lamp for a stretch ceiling can be very diverse. They differ mainly in the way of installation

Next, you will learn more on how and when best to use each of the varieties.

The selection of lighting for stretch ceiling very hard and important lesson. You should consider all the nuances from the method of attachment to the power of the bulbs. Because painting a ceiling can overheat and start to melt, and even worse can burn.

That is why you should do the highest quality choice that will correspond to all required parameters of the room and will be able to harmoniously fit into the system of stretch ceiling.

As the height of two feet small enough to safely hang a chandelier and are not afraid to damage the ceiling or set her up so that she will stop to move. In such circumstances, choosing the right lamps is a crucial task and should be approached very seriously.

Light for suspended ceilings and their placement

Using incandescent bulbs they must be at least thirty inches from the ceiling paintings. You should pick up these chandeliers which can provide this level of suspension.

If you make the distance less then the risk of overheating and deformation of the material of the ceiling is significantly increased. The light from these bulbs should be sent to the bottom to a layer of air between the leaf and the bulb is not broken.

Using the overhead lamp where the grouping of bulbs is quite high and the distance to ceiling minimum best to use such light sources as led light bulbs. They have a low operating temperature ideal for our conditions.

Also with led you can use fluorescent lamps compact form. They emit cold light and slightly heat up during operation. The temperature of the heating of these devices is around fifty to sixty degrees. Why use it only with a tighter ceilings.

If you really want to choose the main lamp hanging chandeliers, you must be willing to make sacrifices. To avoid the possibility to damage the device head you will need to shorten the chain which fastened the lamp to a minimum.

A great option would be recessed lighting use should be integrated with the Central powerful light. But they also need to find a light bulb emitting cold light and led or compact fluorescent. Incandescent lamps in such devices is absolutely not compatible with suspended ceiling and will lead to inevitable damage to the fabric.

Having a high ceiling solve the problem of lighting much easier. For the illumination of such premises virtually no limitations except the limitation to the capabilities of these devices. This height allows to use lamps of any length and install them as you see fit.

But the rule of minimum distance of thirty inches for incandescent lamps is still in effect on it should not be forgotten. Only using led and fluorescent lamps can not worry about the distance of the light source from the ceiling.

Though the high ceiling and allows you to use any chandeliers, you should not forget about the more compact lamps. Modern design requires the use of more relevant lamp besides the large range allows you to choose a truly unique lighting design and create unusual designs with a combination of different lamps.

Very often to create a better quality of light in the room use the main Central lamp. For larger spaces there may be several. And the contour of the room place a compact recessed downlights which add flavor to the design of the room and make the lighting more uniform and high-quality.

Uniform illumination using point lights quite easily accomplished. It is necessary to use a less powerful bulb but in greater quantity. Evenly space them throughout the area and lighting will turn out uniform and rich in any part of the premises.

If you use led bulbs then the required power can not be ignored. At least a diode and operates at twelve volts manufacturers install a special system directly to the light bulb which allows it to work from a standard 220 Volts.

The order of installation of spotlights and chandeliers

Fluorescent lamps are not always able to operate from the standard network will require the purchase of a special lamp or power supply.

Lighting stretch ceiling needed training. You need to think in advance what types of lights you want to select. Based on this it is necessary to choose light bulbs that will give you the necessary light.

Adhering to all rules for lighting such as high and low tension ceilings you will be able to organize a very high quality, and cozy lighting for your apartment.

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