What should be the fixtures for the kitchen

23 december 2016, 00:40

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The illumination of the working area of the kitchen can significantly increase the quality of the cooking, washing dishes. General lighting of the room provides sufficient brightness to light but for certain areas it is not enough and is needed to strengthen the luminescence intensity. This need is due to the fact that people most of the time is back to the main light source, ceiling lamp and therefore obscures the region of the working area.


A feature of the cuisine lies in the fact that we have a long time to turn on the lights even in daytime as the cabinets partially occlude the space above the stove sink and countertop. This means additional energy costs. That's why are increasingly using led lighting which has low power but high efficiency of luminescence.

For the working zone of kitchen use different types of touch lamps overhead recessed linear furniture.

Each option has its own characteristics advantages and disadvantages which allows the use of certain varieties in areas with individual characteristics. A large assortment of led devices expands the possibilities of organizing the lighting of the kitchen space.

The kind of light source is characterized by low level of energy consumption is known to many. To compare lamps based on diodes and incandescent bulbs provide the same brightness only the power value of the first option is less than ten times.

Led fixtures for kitchen described and other advantages

Lamps with diode emitters of the linear type is characterized by unusual shapes. It is a narrow and long rectangle of small width.

Variety furniture lamps

Depending on the performance of such device may have the ability to rotate which will affect the direction of the light flow and provide ease of use.

Touch models are easy to include fairly light touch. These lamps are used in the organization of Autonomous illumination and can be mounted under cabinets kitchen.

Built-in models require tapping into the interior of the lower side surface of the cabinets. This is one of the varieties which is furniture fittings. But in this case often requires a second bottom when you install the bottom headset. There are also overhead of execution which, unlike the previous version installed much easier on top of furniture surfaces.

To make the right choice you need to plan where to place lamps in the base kitchen by the apron of the working area under the hood. It is necessary to consider features of the cabinets because if you will use recessed furniture performance it is necessary to provide a second floor.

In accordance with the project of the lighting system is kind of device. The easiest way to install overhead model because it appears the possibility of changing their location in the future. But then you should consider fit such a device into the interior of the kitchen.

Next you need to pay attention to the intensity of radiation of the light source. There are certain norms of illumination for each room. Moreover, the main and the local light should be characterized by different brightness levels.

The placement of light sources in the working zone in the kitchen

For the kitchen this is particularly important as the area is always lit better. Therefore, it should be guided by the following values of 100 LX basic lighting 300 Lux local. Led device for mounting under kitchen cabinets are selected based on such parameters as the power supply voltage mounting method.

Regardless of whether the set of furniture overhead lamps or other lighting fixtures need to determine adequate level of illumination of the site working area.

The calculation and rules of lighting

Done on the basis of generally accepted norms for all types of light sources 40-50 Wtcw. M. But the brightness level of the led versions is not determined by the capacity so you need to get the value of the luminous flux for these bulbs.

Assuming that the average of this parameter filament lamp varies from 1 200 to 1 300 LM 100 W, respectively, at a power of 40-50 W luminous flux will be approximately 500-600 LM which is identical to led light sources but less power. The value of this characteristics of the manufacturer indicates on the packaging of the lamp.

So you can select the desired number of light sources by calculating the area of the illuminated section of countertop+sink+stovetop and based on the flux level. This should take into account where it will be furniture fixtures for kitchen.

Mount lighting fixtures need taking into account the poorly lit space of the space inside the cabinets under them along the side of the apron. You can combine different types of lamps furniture and line touch. It all depends on preference and degree of comfort in use.

Thus led lighting is the most preferred for kitchen because of the cost-effectiveness ease of administration and installation of furniture for example performance. No less important is the fact that such devices practically do not need any special service as we work very long. But after a long period of work may experience a decrease in luminescence intensity that is a natural process.

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