Why energy saving bulb flashes

23 december 2016, 00:44

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To somehow start saving on electricity has developed a special energy-saving lamps. Produce them by a special technology so that they consume less energy and illuminate more brightly. Most people think that they operate on alternating current at 220V as their older counterparts with nakalivaniya basis. This is a big misconception now explain why.


For energy-saving lamps require a constant current and thus are more economical. The design consists of tube, cap and ballast which is between them. It is a charge equipped with a special diode bridge which rectifies and stabilizes the current making it permanent.

But despite its advantages these bulbs have a significant defect. Of course not all but very often you can find unauthorized flashing light bulb. And it will flash not only with the lights on and even when power is completely disconnected.

In this article we will explain why energy saving bulb flashes after turning it off and during work will help you understand solutions to this problem. Give the basic scheme of repair and the principles which will help you to troubleshoot the light.

Energy saving light bulb fairly complex structure and it can have some defects. Often this is fault of its Board which is responsible for normal functionality of the design.

Manufacturers are constantly struggling with this problem and improve your product but there are three most common problems you should be aware of and deal with the process of eliminating them.

Let's analyze them in detail

Another problem relies on the bulb is the fault of the starting system. In most cases, repair of energy efficient light bulbs is impossible.

If a system is applied to the electromagnetic launch then it is not repairable and can be replaced.

The third reason is the large voltage spikes in the input network. This phenomenon also affects the bulbs and they flicker. The reason for this can be included a powerful technique such as welding.

The reason may be non-kondensator

Often the bulb which flashes during operation with the lights on all necessary conditions are met that they have a factory defect. Repair of such devices is impossible and should be disposed of or to pay for a manufacturers warranty. As some damage just cannot be repaired or repairs will be expensive and very time-consuming and these costs are not justified.

Oddly enough but there are problems which arise after shutdown of the device. Flicker bulbs because two of the most common causes

Let's look at them in more detail. Let's start with the switch. This system is equipped with a small diode which illuminates when in the off state of the switch.

Since the main network is opened and the diode connected in parallel but a great indicator of the current still passes through the whole system including the light bulb. This condensate has time to recharge and is in a constant state of charging discharging what light blinks in cycles.

Ways of solving problems

In the case when the damaged wiring or rather the connection or isolation of contacts, or protective layer of wires it is feasibleon the transmission of a small amount of current.

Thus, the lights flicker as the switch. This phenomenon is very common in old houses or apartments where the wiring is already served for a long period.

There are several ways to solve this problem

Less common problems is the fault of the bulb life is coming to an end and the lamp will soon become the broken starter. If the light is blinking due to a malfunction it is most likely a factory defect and usually such a device is unsuitable. But in case of breakage of the starter repair is possible even without knowledge in electrical engineering. You can buy it in the store for the penny price.

Put in the bypass capacitor

As you can see any critical problems there and you will easily be able to cope with them. Besides you do not need special knowledge and skills of an electrician professional. All work can produce and the person is able to distinguish zero about phase and properly connecting the contacts.

Energy saving lamp runs on DC as well as in our apartments, it is AC they come with a Converter. Which converts AC to DC and makes it more stable and suitable for normal functioning of the device.

Tips to eliminate flicker

Due to such a mechanism, they are often subjected to various damage and you should know what to expect from this bulb.

You need to understand why flashing off lamp and how to deal with the causes of this phenomenon. Reasons to prepare the necessary measures to repair and remove all the present defects in design and connection scheme.

If a lamp flickers in the on state is likely to fix it does not work and you should replace it. After reading this article you already know how to solve all the problems associated with the phenomenon and know what to expect from these bulbs.

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